Copies of Digger 5 for sale!

I repeat, copies of Digger 5 for sale!

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  1. Aria says:

    First..? -hopeful-

    Don’t forget to vote!

    Who didn’t see this coming? About time someone gave that whippersnapper a stern talking to.

  2. gnibbles says:

    I love how expressive the leather thongs are that hold Boneclaw Mother’s eye stones. :D

  3. gnibbles says:

    argh, i totally put this in the wrong place, didn’t i.

  4. Cate says:

    Darn!!!! I do wish the Digger books were available on I can’t quite justify paying twice the price for shipping and etc, though I do want all the books. Heave a sad sigh.

    This is a wonder-full epic. I do love it.

  5. Old Prof. Otter says:

    I want to buy Digger 4 and 5.
    I use Firefox.
    I can not see any digger for sale, except for a non-clickable Buy volume one! line.
    I have linux, I can not get IE.
    What browsers work?

  6. Did you try clicking the line that says, “I repeat, copies of Digger 5 for sale?”

  7. the dark ferret says:

    The line “I repeat, copies of Digger 5 for sale!” is a click-able link that will take you to the Sofawolf Press website where you can buy copies of Digger. Or, you can just go here:

  8. Eric Astor says:

    Might there be any chance of getting a single-volume (or fewer volumes) version, once Ursula’s done? Possibly in hardcover? I know print-on-demand can work wonders these days… and I’m willing to pay a high price for it, though I’d hope for some degree of discount versus buying all 6(?) paperbacks…

  9. Mana Gement says:

    Off-topic, and my apologies if this is old news, but Madame Cartoonist, I was just surfing through the TopWebComics categories and didn’t see Digger in *any* of them. I don’t know if it’s on you or the site to tag your comic in appropriate genres, but it might increase visibility.

  10. bemused_canadian says:

    As soon as this is complete I want to buy my girlfriend a hardbound omnibus edition.

  11. mark says:

    Couple of comments. Wonderful story: love it and will romp through the archives with glee

    Re: the person not finding the link to the Digger books for sale: as a Firefox user, if one is using Adblock (and you have to save your sanity) or some such, one may not be able to see some of the links that would otherwise seem obvious. May I suggest to the author, (pardon my snotty) putting the links in plain text as well might help people do the old fashioned copy and paste? That does not seem to offend Adblock, I think…

    BTW, there’s no such thing as a non-spastic beagle or a mellow border collie (been there, done that, got the T-shirt). The cats in my house are already the best demons that I hope to ever encounter, so I’m terrified of ever seeing your demon masks…

    thanks for the tale you are telling. It’s such a hoot. (insert insipid smiley face here)

  12. jenn says:


  13. Mishal says:

    I’m still trying to order from Sofawolf…. *grr* they might have nice stuff but their ordering system sucks. I still can’t even get their shopping cart to accept my address.

  14. BLink says:

    I thought the “Union Rep” comment was timely. =)