May 27th, 2010


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  1. JewelWolf says:

    Alright I have several things to note.
    One: FINALLY first comment. Just needed to say that.
    Two: I love this page I can just feel the power in Murai’s words. She’s got a very strong, powerful voice.
    Three: Everyone, remember to VOTE! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx
    Four: Ursula, in the least creepy way possible, I’d like to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow.

  2. BarGamer says:

    … Huh, I forgot about the direct order possibility.

    Happy Birthday Ursula! ^_^

  3. inlaid says:

    Happy birthday Ursula.

    Ironically after the comments for tuesdays page “The final countdown” came on in shuffle as I opened this page…

  4. bAnAnA says:

    oh weird, it’s my cousin’s b-d tomorrow as well.

    Happy b-day!!

  5. dragon mith says:

    happy to be sootsayer to the radom code of shuffle

  6. Sondre says:

    Tension’s building here. In the left corner…
    Aw, nevermind. Have a nice birthday, Ursula! =)

  7. duskDiamond says:

    It’s your birthday?? Have a great day and many happy returns!

  8. Lindale says:

    Happy birthday!

    …*flails* This is so full of tension – I to want to read the next half-dozen pages now! (but not all the pages left until the end, because then there won’t be any more Digger…)!

  9. Barry says:

    “You seem like a nice fellow. It’s a shame to kill you.”
    “You seem like a nice fellow. It’s a shame to die.”

    Thank you, Ursula! I brought you a balloon, but I fell on it on the way, and now it’s all flat.

  10. Kayru says:


  11. Madam Atom says:

    You GO, kid!

    … cue hyenas?

    Happy day-before-birthday, Ursula! (I’m heading to a con tomorrow and won’t be around to post, so I have an actual reason for being early this time.)

  12. Charlie says:

    Happy Birthday, Ursula!
    You kick serious a**. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂

  13. Pseudo says:

    What does he have up those big sleeves? Also like her glowing eyes in first panel, they help us share the doubt that she might be crazy again.

  14. Hawk says:

    Woo Go Murai! *cheering* Stand up to old cranky-pants Jhalm! 😀

    Happy Birthday Ursula!!

  15. Terry says:

    Awwww… Murai. 🙁

    …This is my Marvel Comics nerdery shining through, but is anyone else feeling shades of Kristoff Vernard as Murai to Dr Doom (when well-written) as Jhalm?

  16. Jassius says:

    Happy Birthday, Ursula.

    I have just sent you a dumb piece of silliness for tomorrow through the redwombat site contact form. Hope it reaches you and have a laugh at it

  17. 2
    !******hAPPY bIRTHDAY uRSULA*******!
    !****** mAY tHIS cAKE bE***************!
    !****** wHATEVER fLAVOR sUITS yOU*!


    I made you a birthday cake. The two on top is supposed to be the flame on the candle. So make a wish and blow out the candle. We, your fans, get to enjoy the gifts you send us every Tuesday and Thursday in the form of Digger and friends. Although, it’s supposed to be a cake it kind of looks like a top hat. If it suits you better, please enjoy your top hat. If you do decide to make it a top hat instead of a cake then definitely do not forget to blow out the candle on top.
    Thanks for all your creativity and have a great day.


  18. No, that wasn’t supposed to happen! It looked so good in the window. My cake fell just like it did when I was seven. Rats! Well I hope you have a great day anyway.

  19. Karyl says:

    I wonder how many artists total are Geminis? we share a great month, Ursula!–have a great birthday tomorrow and always, and thanks heaps for the fine, fine art–
    I agree, I wish for some kind of satisfactory and non-bloody resolution here!

  20. Rhio2k says:

    Now would be a good time for Grim-Eyes to show up….

  21. Travis Brand says:

    “My Chief Rabbit has told me to defend this run, and I’m staying right here until he says otherwise.” (Quoting from memory, it’s been a while since I read the book.)

    Lovely. I knew going in that Murai’s line would be simple and epic, and I am not disappointed.

  22. Ulrike says:


    That was me falling madly in love with Murai.

  23. TekServer says:

    Hippy Bidet, Ursula!

    (And everyone VOTE for Digger on TWC again today!)


  24. CJ says:

    Hippy birdie, Ursula!
    And go Murai!

  25. BunnyRock says:

    Hoppy Beerday Ursula!

    and Travis Brand … was thinking the same thing myself : )

  26. The Occupant says:

    Oh, ’tis a bit late in my part of the world, but most fallacious Birthday, Ursula!
    And wondrous, wonderful, comic.
    Her arm is broken,
    Shadows press against her soul,
    But in her is steel.

  27. Sildraug says:

    Let’s hope that last line doesn’t get too literal.

  28. Silverfish says:

    Sildraug – I second that!

  29. jaynee says:

    Hippo belooted birdie, Ursula.

    Damn… catching up…