April 6th, 2010


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  1. Pseudo says:

    And what’s going on up there with Murai; is her destiny getting glorious yet?

  2. CyberCorn Entropic says:

    Interesting, those stalagmites and stalactites look somewhat fang-like in the first panel.

  3. Ketira says:

    We may not know until Digger gets back to Ganesh’s statue….. if it hasn’t been pulverized by then.

  4. JewelWolf says:

    Really? I was JUST wondering when this chapter would end. I was like, “Hey, how long is a chapter, normally? This one’s been going on for a while.”

  5. Hawk says:

    Chapter End Music! We needs it!

    *resumes chewing fingernails*

    Let’s all vote! (thanks for the link Duck)

  6. Thanks, Hawk.

    All in a days work for a Digger fan.

  7. TekServer says:

    Ditto on the thanks for posting the Voting Link, Ducky.

    (Er, “Ducky” meant in an “NCIS-esque” flattering way … though as far as personality and trivia knowledge go, there are striking parallels between Dr. Mallard and a certain BunnyRock that occasionally hangs out around here … )

    Anyway … great page today: awesome echoes in the first pane, Ed looks great, Digger looks great (and makes a good point), awesome lighting in the last pane. Wow, I didn’t know we were coming up to a chapter break! I guess we probably only have one or two chapters left before this whole thing is wrapped up … earth-shatteringly awesome conclusion: 🙂 end of Digger comic: 🙁

    More Ursula art & story work, whatever she decides to do next: :mrgreen:

  8. contrary says:

    First panel looks to me like a big ol’ gaping fish mouth…ling cod, with all it’s ragged canine type teeth ready to snap shut!

  9. Kayru says:

    Very lovely ending. <3

  10. slywlf says:

    As of my vote Digger is at #40 😉

  11. Thanks TekServer. There was a time when I was only able to read this great strip and the comments, but my computer wouldn’t let me communicate. I’d watch your posts and think, wow, I agree so much with what you, and many of the others were saying. I was completely cut off from a really cool community. So uncool. Now I’m free. Oh, and yes, I too have found Monsieur BunnyRock’s postings amusing.

  12. JewelWolf says:

    @Duckwhisperer That must’ve been torture. How long has it been that way?

  13. JewelWolf–Tail end of 08 I think. Just at the Beginning of Chapter 10 if I’m not mistaken. September 10th. I remember the Cover Art with Shadow Child playing with the butterflies.

  14. BunnyRock says:

    TY Ducky and Tek. I find the analogy to NCIS particularly flattering and also mildly amusing, as forensic police procedural shows form the staple of the archaeology drinking game when historical epics are absent from the tv listings/ when osteoarchaeologists, forensic archaeologists and other bioarchaeologists outnumber the “normal” archaeologists and can this control the remote. every time you see a brazen break from reality, Drink!

    *for health and safety reasons BunnyRock and his guardian angel, El-ahrairant can take no responsibility for any harm that may come to individual attempting this with alcohol during certain episodes of CSI or during practically any Hollywood depiction of Ancient Rome, Vikings, or Robin Hood. King Arthur is WAY out. BunnyRock promotes responsible drinking and does not want a repeat of the District 9 “drink-every-time-Wikus-swears” game, the “Drink-every-time-something-in-Twin-Peaks-makes-absolutely-no-sense-even-by-the-low-standards-of–Lost” game or the imfamous “drink-along-to- Withnail-and-I” fiasco, thank you very much*

  15. TekServer says:

    Heh. I guess everyone is critical of the Hollywood version of their chosen field. Reminds me of the time we tried to get through “Hackers”, drinking every time we saw some fake computer-hacking-jargon BS. I don’t remember getting to the end of the movie …