February 4th, 2010


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  1. the unclean one says:

    hmmm……. digger slayer of dead gods

    (has a nice ring to it)

  2. 535 says:

    When it comes down to it, we never have as much time as we’d like, do we?

  3. Atre says:

    I think going back home with “god” in your title is probably worse than coming back with herpes if you’re a Wombat :P.

  4. Kobrag says:

    Due to all the forms for cohabitation and reproduction, I would think herpes and other STDs are non-existent. >.>

  5. BarGamer says:

    I say sic Shadowchild on the heart’s shadow, that’ll kill it good.

  6. Bartimaeus says:

    ’nuff said.

  7. jassius says:

    Wasn’t it because the statue says Jhalm is not bad, I would strongly suspect Jhalm got caught by what is left of SGV, hence his new plans.

  8. Otookee says:

    What we need is the entire hyena tribe, to go down there and eat the dead god’s liver…

  9. Phyrbyrd says:

    Has the dead god got a liver? I didn’t see one. Anyway, if it did, wouldn’t that contaminate the hyena tribe? I thought the idea of eating the liver was so that the deceased could pass on to the tribe.

  10. Werrf says:

    Yup, the presence of a liver was specifically mentioned. It was just a throwaway line at the time, back on page 256, before the significance of the liver in hyena tribes had come up (I think).

  11. Mark Antony says:

    Digger deals death to the dead deity.

  12. rylen says:

    Jhalm probably doesn’t have much trust in Digger or the statue right now, but I think he’ll try to debrief Mauri before he acts.

  13. WorkingVolition says:

    FACEPALM!!!!!!! 🙂
    What # are we on now?

  14. TekServer says:

    I foresee at least one more facepalm in the future – right after Digger destroys the heart, then realizes (presumably through some sort of SGV manifestation) that the liver should have been the target …
    (And that’ll probably be a good spot for a Shadowchild return, but I could be wrong … )

    Don’t forget to VOTE! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx
    Digger’s up to #38 right now!

  15. nerd_boy says:

    The cry about not having enough time, particularly with “time” being in bold, immediately brings about memories of Majora’s Mask. Are we to expect some form of time travel/manipulation now? D:

  16. Zebediah says:

    It’s…interesting. In a sense, Jhalm is practically secular, holding a role similar to what the US government usually proports to do — respect all religions while not favoring any.

    From the Veiled perspective, what Digger and the Statue of Ganesh are planning is deicide — sort of an all-out gang warfare within the Veiled’s juristiction. One god is locked up in a tomb, one is sitting on the only available entrance to that tomb. We favor ganesh for personal reasons, and because he hits several of our moral buttons — compassionate, harmless, ascetic — but favoring a mere statue of a god over the rights of a god itself isn’t fair on the face of it.

    Think of it this way — if it were a person rather than a god, we’d probably be rooting for the people who want to run the rescue, not the people who want to keep the poor sod locked up. Even if he was only let out to be put on trial for past warcrimes, or something, he deserves just treatment.

    Also, like the US, they have shown themselves not immune to cultural discrimination — rounding up the hyenas has some ready parallels to treatment of amerindian peoples, or even european treatment of african natives, where the important distinctions within the other people are missed or ignored.

    ::sigh:: multi-ethic societies are hard. When the people you’re supposed to oversee have dramatically different views of right and wrong, what do you do?

  17. Jewelwolf says:

    We’re up to number 37. This is so exciting. Do I sence the end of Digger coming soon? Perhaps a happy ending, finished in 2010 or 2011? I mean, there’s still the question of getting back home, but if Digger is able to kill SGV before Jhalm can set him free, there will be no antagonist.

  18. alondro says:

    Hmm… how to kill a demon’s heart..

    A wooden stake!

    Well, it works for vampires (unless they’re from “Twilight” >:P )

  19. “An hour’s not enough TIME!” needs to be followed by http://www.dramabutton.com/, of course.

  20. JewelWolf says:

    @alondro- You know, you can’t kill the Twilight vampires because they’re not really vampires. They are sparkle fairies.

  21. mouse says:

    you know, in that same #256 (https://diggercomic.com/?p=256) mentioned before, murai says that this (the god’s heart being force to beat) is one of the most horrific divine tragedies of all time. is there any possibility that jhalm, seeing this tragedy, might act to end it? i’m sure digger won’t wait to see if this will persuade him – but i’m sure jhalm will be following after, if digger goes down to the dead god again, maybe he will end up being a helpful force, in the end.

  22. Mark Antony says:

    @JewelWolf Really? Huh. I though they were more along the lines of being angsty, blood-powered diamond golems. Or that’s what TVTropes says, anyways….

  23. Tindi says:

    Up to 35!
    I like “sparkle fairies” myself. More descriptive. 😉
    I’m hoping for what mouse said, that Jhalm will see that trying to force a dead god to live is wrong, ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to serve that god and all gods. And I remember meeting the dead god for the first time. It was very freaky.
    …I foresee another trip through the archives. Well, no time like the present! 😛

  24. Lurkie says:

    Angsty sparkle fairies, I like that. 🙂

    I keep wondering about She-Is-Fiercer. Wouldn’t she have some idea of what’s happened to He-Is? Wouldn’t she want to do something about it? Okay, so maybe she’s still angry with He-Is, I can see that. But Sweetgrass Voice is a danger to everyone, and he/it seems to be increasing in power. It seemed to me that there is a real possibility that the demon could get free. I would think that She-Is-Fiercer would want to prevent that, if She could.

  25. Faranior says:

    “A stake to the heart usually works” / Buffy the Vampire Slayer on how to kill some specific demon.

  26. Silverfish says:

    “Up to 35!”
    It says Digger’s at 38 for me. Did it go down? 🙁

  27. Sabreur says:

    Well, I suppose you could collapse a tunnel somewhere to buy yourself some time, Digger. Of course, that would pretty much guarantee everyone would never stop calling you “Little Mother Of Earthquakes”.

  28. dragon mith says:

    or maybe it a case of so close, but the god is released and then a final showdown and battle….
    “this is the ultamit showdwn, of teh uli des…..
    on an ipod typing is hard….

  29. Ravi says:

    duude. Came here from TV Tropes- spent all day reading it in one sitting. Absolutely riveting plot, interesting factoids, and beautiful artwork. There are times where I can’t tell if it’s done by computer or pen.

    Stunning, absolutely stunning. I can only hope to one day carry a plot as well as you. But I am thankful that I have your works to learn from.

  30. TheGodWhoWas says:

    Curses! Just caught up. Now I have to wait like everyone else! :'(

  31. itsasafi says:


  32. BunnyRock says:

    @JewelWolf Now now now… lest be fair, you can’t kill them for the same reason the writers of ”Heros” can’t kill of Sylar The Fan Girls Would Never Allow It! Twilight is only a symptom of the ”Draco in leather pants” treatment of vampires in all fiction now-a-days. i remember when i was a kid vampires were scary! And then one day in my early teens they all became sexy instead and it was very confusing for a boy my age! Now they’re just angsty and apparently aren’t on speaking terms with werewolves any more! I’m honestly waiting for them to become the lovable, family-frendly kids creations; they will you know, and then some day someone will make an aniamatronic ride or a claymanation movie that’s meant to be about cute fun vampires and get it wrong and due to uncanny valley and good old fashioned nightmare fuel they’ll go back to being scary again, and a new generation will hide under their bed clothes with paper crosses and the cycle will be complete and everything will be as it should again.

    At which point the fangirs will move on to something else and ruin Robots. Robots of all things! or Dinosaurs! Or Robot Dinosaurs! Something cool we’ll miss! Darn fangirls and their fanfic, they ruin everything! And now if you’ll excuse me, i have my Digger/Wall-e/Land Before Time crossover fic to finish. Anyone who produces an image of Wall-e, Littlefoot and Ed hugging that i can use as cover art will win a small prize. Possibly, given the woobie-overload of the image in question, a bucket of cold water.

  33. Scott Malcomson says:

    Wombat on the spot! Well, they do their best work under pressure…several million tons of it…

  34. Tindi says:

    Count Chocula, BunnyRock? 😛

  35. capnq says:

    I don’t understand Digger’s concern here. Jhalm is an hour away, but Digger is right at the tunnel entrance. Digger knows how she marked the route; Jhalm doesn’t know the route. I don’t see how Jhalm could catch up to Digger and break the shackle before Digger has gotten to and figured out how to kill the heart.

  36. Woofus says:

    BunnyRock — How about Grampa Munster.

  37. Silver Guardian says:

    You make a lot of very good points, Zebediah, but you’ve failed to take a couple of major facets of this situation into account.

    1) He-is has basically had his trial already, and lost; it was why he was exiled in the first place.

    2) As a result of being exiled, He-is pretty much [i]begged[/i] to be imprisoned, so that he could die in darkness and take his demons with him. Last I checked, a person can choose to commit themself in an asylum if they think they need to be. And I know for a fact that there are forms that can be filled out in some hospitals, for people who don’t want to be revived if they die while under a doctor’s care.

    Seems to me that this would be the same basic principal; He-is was imprisoned by his own choice, with every intention of staying there until the end of his days. So if we’re using the US as an example, it’s really the Cold Servants who are denying him his rights, by keeping him alive against his own wishes.

  38. TekServer says:

    I am pleased to observe that BR’s prediction has not come true. In fact, since the Twilight Tragedies several bloodier vampire stories have emerged, possibly as a sort of backlash reaction against said Tragedies.