December 10th, 2009


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  1. Hummingbird says:

    Damn it! Now I’m all caught up. This is going to be tedious…

  2. Kayru says:

    Always knew Surka was wonderfully pure at heart. It’s good to see her say this. ^^

  3. wolfofsilver says:

    I second that, Kayru. (But notice how ruthless she could be…. ^_^ That’s my shrew.)

  4. Nurk is right to be proud of his Grandmother.

  5. Cooper says:

    Oh, poor Murai. My heart goes out to her, it really does.

  6. smjjames says:

    @Den: huh? What are you referring to?

    Also, is that an earring in Diggers right (the readers left) ear?

    I like DIggers expression at the fact that they’d have to kill them since she is against killing.

  7. Mani says:

    This is going some very interesting places via Murai’s reactions to this situation. Kudos Ursula for constantly surprising us in thoughtful ways.

  8. CJ says:

    I want to hug Murai. Being careful of her arm, of course.

  9. @smjjames: Why, Den refers to Ursula’s children’s novel “Nurk”, of course! Surka is something of a cross-canon character, although she doesn’t feature in the novel in person.

  10. Marrock says:

    “They’re just following orders”…

    Now where have I heard that one before?

  11. David. says:

    @sjjames: Den refers to Ursula’s book Nurk: The strange, surprising adventures of a (somewhat) brave shrew (and now we find out whether HTML is accepted in the comments.) Also, Digger’s always had an earring.

  12. JewelWolf says:

    I’m surprized you didn’t notice the earring before, smjjames. She’s had it since the begining.
    Now who else sences one of Murai’s crazy little episodes coming up?

  13. L Gore says:

    Hehe, that earring has been there since the first page we saw her clearly. :D

  14. Gramina says:

    Some of them are my friends.

    Yeah. Always harder when the bad guys have faces — when they’re people you know and like, or could. When they’re doing the best they can in a situation they don’t understand or can’t see their way through.

    This is good.

    “Move out” ? “Not much longer now” ?


  15. Ketira says:

    @David – it works, and my county library has it! (Which means that if I want a quick read, I can access it by ordering it. ^.~ No cost for inter-library loans.) How’d you do that link part?

    ….and I’m with @Gramina; let’s just hope that “eep!” isn’t an understatement.

  16. smjjames says:

    Oh, I just never really noticed she always had an earring, heh.

  17. DorktasticSteve says:

    Woo a link to worldcat instead of Amazon :) Fellow librarian, David?


  18. Kelci says:

    Surka rules *hug*

  19. Mark Antony says:

    I love how the veiled are “faceless” as a point of ideology but are definitely not faceless goons.
    Obligatory TVTropes link: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FacelessGoons

  20. Coyoty says:

    Killing friends tends to ruin friendships.

  21. TerryCat says:

    Woot, caught up on archive.

  22. why do i keep thinking digger is male?
    does anyone else think this?

  23. Edhelith says:

    Besides the whole Chosen by Destiny thing, Murai herself is (well, was) a part of “the rank and file”. So of course she still has friends among them, people she trained and studied with, ate lunch next to, swapped stories with. I wonder if they’ve been given any orders regarding her should she pop up before this little operation is over? I imagine it will be hard on both sides if so.

  24. BunnyRock says:

    ahhh Surka… you’ve always brought up thoughts or Redwall in my mind and that comment really sums up Redwall in one: The good guys are good, they are even sometimes people you may want to hang around with. But you really, really do not want to cross them. Or as one of my friend’s spoof RPG motivation images said it “Lawful Good: Lawful, just not very merciful”

    except that Digger is more of a neutral good, at least in the company she keeps, but i digress.

  25. TekServer says:

    I would agree on Digger being Neutral Good, but she has strong leanings towards Lawful. It’s just that her idea of “lawful” rules differs from those defined by, for example, Jhalm.

    (Surka, on the other hand, is probably a bit more toward the Chaotic Good side … )