October 29th, 2009


Inspired by Disney and Digger mentioned in the same sentence, my good buddy Otter of A Girl and Her Fed gives us gift art!

Discussion (30)¬

  1. Kevin says:

    Now normally, I wouldn’t break out into song with another person in the open… But this is Digger the Wombat we are talking about here. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d pay good money to be able to sing along with her.

  2. Dee says:

    Ahahahaha… 😀

  3. Traumatized wombats sing Disney songs?

    Or is she traumatized because she can’t get it out of her head? ^.^

  4. Alex says:

    I think it’s a combination of PTSD and being happy to be back home and away from the craziness she’d experienced.

  5. Hawk says:


  6. Mark Antony says:

    I’m imagining a wombat DSM-IV with half a dozen Axis III disorders that have “does not like root cellars” as a major symptom. Oh, and “religion” is an Axis II.

  7. Brenda says:

    “…We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig up everything in sight!”

  8. JewelWolf says:

    Take a good look, guys. You see the mother there? That is exactly what Digger’s mom is like. Helix said she’d be worried sick, and obviously this is it.

  9. Venhax says:

    A wombat…in a bowtie. Awesome.

  10. Hunter says:

    Lol. Well, at least it looks like she had fun at Disneyworld!

  11. Rowanmdm says:

    @Mark Anthony Bwah-haha-ha! That is awesome 🙂

  12. TekServer says:

    Do wombats have exorcists?

    Because Digger is clearly possessed … by the spirit of a DWARF!


  13. wolfofsilver says:

    Amen, Tekserver. Amen. 😀

  14. Lica says:

    “First all that babling about gods and magic, now THIS?”

    😛 he he he, at last we come to see Digger parents.

  15. Kyphis says:

    Ironically swift after you did a guest piece for them 😉

  16. Marrock says:

    Dammit… she was warned not to eat the mushrooms with the black spots on them.

  17. KHGV Defenestration says:

    Digger is entirly too enthusiastic about manual labour for this hour of the morning, to say nothing of if it depicts a Monday – I’d be worried too.

  18. Rags says:

    Shadow Black and the seven wombats. An old classic. 😉

  19. Absconding_Cascade says:

    Mother of moles I’ve read the entire archive and am going to have to wait for strips in real time now. Why can’t archive binges go on forever? … hey I have a new way to describe heaven now “A Webcomic Archive binge that never ends”.

  20. Federico Kereki says:

    I just read everything from the beginning to here — and I’m glad I just didn’t leave out of hand, when this drawing (the first one I ever saw of Digger, mind!) plain didn’t make any sense!

  21. JewelWolf says:

    Ah yes, the time when one realizes that they read through the archives, only to discover that they now have to wait. For me, that was the very last comic of Chapter 10.

  22. Requiem says:

    @Absconding_Cascade: That could also be a description of Hell, you know. One’s interpretation of events is what defines it as a pleasant or horrible thing. A good example would be social events. “Hell/Heaven is other people” (I’ve only heard the former, but I once read the later).

  23. D.G. says:

    There are in fact some rabbis who claim(as an edifying story) that heaven and hell are in fact identical. The two most famous stories to that effect are that everyone sits through an eternal torah lecture after they die(heaven for the good, hell for the bad) and in both heaven and hell nobody can bend their elbows. In hell, everyone suffers the annoyances, in heaven everyone helps each other.

  24. TekServer says:

    The version I heard was that everyone sat around at a table laid with an incredibly sumptuous feast, but they could only eat with very long handled spoons with which they could not reach their mouths. In hell, everyone at the table starved for eternity while a feast they couldn’t eat sat before them. In heaven, everyone fed each other and all were eternally satisfied.

    Same general premise …

  25. Hamor says:

    The wait following a first-time archive binge is indeed a dreadful thing… I’ve done it MANY times with TV shows and webcomics alike.

  26. KHGV Defenestration says:

    Long-handled spoons? HA! Even if you can’t eat with your hands, just hold the spoon near the bowl-thing, and/or bend the handle to make it shorter!

    Yes, I know, that’s outside the scope of the metaphor, and a metaphor is all it is, but still, how can a Digger fan not be find amusement at the notion of defying the divine? 😀

  27. TekServer says:

    It’s been a while; I may have forgotten some detail (like maybe their hands were replaced by prosthetics in the shape of long-handled spoons?). But you’re right, that would be a very Diggeresque answer to the metaphor …


  28. BunnyRock says:

    @ TekServer I heard it with chopsticks and Buddhist Monks not Rabbi’s, but again the same premise. I think the utensils would have to be glued to their hands or the food very very hot for the exercise to work either way, although prosthetics would be a nice touch. well, not so if they were shaped like spoons. I meen, you’d not be able to touch much at all. But i digress.

    This reminds me of a bit in one of my flatmates Warhammer 40k novels (I think it was the first Horus Heresy one) with killer mega-aracninds whose warrior clade has bladed limbs for fighting and whose worker clade had “spatulate arms” for digging. And since that day i have never been able to shake the idea that “The Spatulate Arms” would be a good name for a pub. Except with the Space marines; they’d probably smash the furniture. I’d imagine Wombats, singing or otherwise would make a far more sedate clientele, and Digger must be owed a quiet pint by now.

  29. TekServer says:

    “The Quiet Pint” sounds like a pretty decent Pub too …


  30. jaynee says:

    Or for those somewhat more thristy mortals, The Quiet Quart.