October 20th, 2009


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  1. Kevin says:

    You torture us Ursula… you really do. What I WOULDN’T give to see Grim Eyes jumping over a log and landing on a Porcupine… these images in my head, they are too good. Hehe, another great page!

  2. Eliza says:

    Look! A flying snail!

    Also, a wonderful travel summary. Detailed, yet brief.

  3. Iain says:

    Is that a snail with wings in the top right??

  4. Delph says:

    This is an amazing comic. I’ve been a lurker reader for a while now, and I am astonished at the quality of both art and storyline. Thank you, and though you have many more silent then vocal fans, never feel like you’re unappreciated for your work. 🙂

  5. Lurkerlynne says:

    It is! Wonder if it flies like a hummingbird….

    I *love* the ‘The trip back was uneventful, well, no, not really.’ XD Eventful in the meaning that no other gods made an appearance?

  6. Rhio2k says:

    Wait…why is Grim Eyes not in the picture? And Grim Eyes and Herne nearly coming to blows? Another of her overtures going wildly afoul of the mark without her realizing it?

  7. JewelWolf says:

    Iain, you haven’t noticed Ursulas little easter eggs? Go back and you’ll see little drawings she’s put in just for you to notice and say “Huh, now that’s something realivly interesting. I love it.” Anyway, I went to camp one year and on a nature treck, the same thing that happened to Digger happened to some whiny hot-head. Then he was a whiny hot-head with KARMA, BITCHES!!!

  8. Madam Atom says:

    White Murai. White Digger. Big Black Space. White Herne.

    Is Grim Eyes hiding in there?

  9. Hawk says:

    She’s nursing her wounded…ehm…pride. 😀
    I *love* Ursula’s snails and other random small additions 😀

  10. Jesse says:

    well, yes, “eventful” is relative …. with this bunch VERY relative 🙂

  11. Flying snails. Seriously?

  12. Hartree says:

    Winged snails?

    Well, there are the pteropods. They’re snails with winglike appendages. But they’re aquatic.

  13. Stardeath says:

    Why am I trying to figure out the internal musculature to make the wings work… Hmm. Almost? If the wings were lower it works in my head. I have to admit I <3 the randomness.

  14. Diatryma says:

    I love the art on this one– the different layers of black and white work really well.

  15. Rowanmdm says:

    I’m happy to see the flying snail, but I have been longing for a return of the lizard. I haven’t seen him in a long while-though I might have missed an appearance-and I’ve been actively pining for him. See, it’s more productive than pining for Ed since it’s more likely to happen soon…right Ursula?

  16. John the Wysard says:

    The winged snail works on SO many levels… the long slow hike with the feeling of haste and urgency? SNAIL WITH WINGS!

  17. Mark Antony says:

    CLEARLY the wings are a pair of symbiotic life-forms that grow on the shell of the snail, like a sea anemone. They anchor themselves deep into the snail’s shell as it grows, leeching nutrients in exchange for granting the snail some measure of flight capability. The veiled hunt these snails and harvest live wing-creatures, subsequently planting them in library rats for use as messengers. Obviously. 😉

  18. wolfofsilver says:

    I’m loving that winged snail. Best explanation for it yet, Mark Antony. It all makes sense now! 😉 Poor snail, though. Gets a taste of the skies, then The Veiled come along and take it away.

    And I am in accordance with everyone else, Ursula: You torture us so! I’m imagining the most horrible things happening to the Ganesh Temple. >.<

  19. Pseudo says:

    Came here to complain about winged snail being too silly. Then read Mark Antony and Wysard so it all makes sense. Follow your muse, Ursula!

  20. Tindi says:

    Well, Rowanmdm, since she said they’re back to Rath, pining for Ed is slightly less silly than it was in the cave, right? 😉

    Adding my two cents in, I also love the flying snail. 😀

  21. KNO3 says:

    Veiled escargot?

  22. Raigne says:

    The snail is cute, but the lizard noire is still my favorite. 😡

  23. Raigne says:

    And that smiley is angry. Angry’s not what I was going for…

  24. Lucius Appaloosius says:


    (look it up….)

  25. whatwith says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m over the moon in love with the idea of that winged snail! I want one as like, a big ugly ring.

  26. KNO3 says:

    Festina Lente (“hurry slowly”).

    4th Battalion, 42nd Field Artillery’s motto oddly enough…

  27. Argent says:

    Obviously, you need the winged snails to read the leaves while they’re still on the trees.

  28. Thorn says:

    I *heart* the winged slug.

  29. Rags says:

    Just listening to One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple…

  30. Areetsasaurus says:

    Long evening of delicate work, eh?

    Since I’m pretty sure porcupine quills come right out if you yank them, I’m thinking it wasn’t much effort for the porcupine.

  31. Lord the 22nd says:

    That snail is joining my repertoire of avatars.

  32. capnq says:

    Is that the same winged snail that watched Digger leaving sometime after she last saw the oracular slug?

  33. Silver Guardian says:

    …No, I’m pretty sure that snail’s wings were on its back, not on its shell.