September 3rd, 2009


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  1. Mad Luc says:

    Awww. FUnny, seems like they act more and more like real family… they can be really alike sometimes.

  2. BarGamer says:

    Digger- “Let us never speak of this again. Unless we get drunk and maudlin.”
    Grim Eyes- “Getting drunk sounds good right now.”

  3. Lurkerlynne says:

    *hands out tissues and alcohol*

  4. Heh, awww… Way Big Warm Fuzzies :’)

  5. duskDiamond says:

    Any time… just not soon…

  6. JewelWolf says:

    Awww… Grim Eyes doesn’t even know what happens, and yet she still does her best to console Digger. Not that her best is any good.

  7. Lanthir says:

    … Yay, sisters!

  8. That was a sweet wind down of a really emotionally intense situation. I like how awkward the whole thing was to them, made better by the fact that Grim Eyes is still completely in the dark as to what just happened.

  9. Brenna says:

    “I won’t tell if you don’t!”

  10. David. says:


    That is all.

  11. wolfofsilver says:

    I agree with that Snerk, and I add my own: Snerk.

  12. Sohum says:


    I’ve fallen in love with Digger recently; it’s just so poignant and hilarious and shiny.

    I was wondering if you’d consent to having Digger be available on archivebinge.net? It’s a just-launched site that’s meant to give new readers a way to catch up on the archive of a strip that they want to start following.

    They won’t make anyone’s comic available without the artist’s explicit permission, and I think it’d be a really cool idea!

    They have a FAQ for artists page at http://www.archivebinge.net/faq.php and are contactable at dmm@dangermouse.net .

  13. Kef says:

    Funny to think that when Grim Eyes first met Digger, she wanted to skewer and eat her. Now she’s offering moral support.

  14. Hawk says:


  15. Terry says:

    This is just like the aftermath of a man-hug that lasted a little too long or had a little too much hip contact. X3

  16. Sweetmissblue says:

    Snerk thrice! And I agree with Terry and Xicree – slightly awkward situation.

  17. John the Wysard says:

    and again with the artwork… I love how subtly Grim Eyes goes from rather irked in the first panel… to amazingly tender in the second (when Digger’s back is turned)… to “hrmpf. I’m glad that’s over!” in the third. All with some tiny changes in the position of the reflection in the pupil and the surroundings of the eye which I can only react to, and not understand. Bravo!

  18. Sabreur says:

    I’m torn between chuckling at them and going “D’awwwwwwww.”

  19. Oscelot says:


  20. Kelci says:

    Two tough women sharing a touching moment…and then acting all awkward about it. I love it 😀

  21. Shadow21 says:

    Love Digger’s expressions.

    Really angry looking,
    Then really sad,
    Then back to normal.

  22. Rags says:

    At least hugging hyenas is better for your health than eating them.

  23. AnonyGirl says:

    WoW! I bet they wish *they* were AnonyGirls just about now.

    “Mm-m, nope, wasn’t me.”
    “Wouldn’t know. Wasn’t there.”
    “Where? What are you talking about, earth rat?”
    “Me? I didn’t say anything.”
    “Me neither.”
    “Ummm, Grim Eyes, don’t we have a god to kill?”

  24. Squeegy says:

    Kef, the same was true for Ed. It’s just a Hyena Thing.