Wombat614 Fiber
August 27th, 2009

Wombat614 Fiber

And here we see the contempt of the obligate carnivore for the digestion of others…

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  1. Zamael says:

    Sounds like she’s angry again.

  2. walabane says:

    can’t imagine that she would be in a good mood after what just happened

  3. JewelWolf says:

    Yeah, but I was thinking more depressed, less angry.

  4. Yes, we all know what HAVOC fiber can play on one’s gastro-intestinal tract. That’s why we here in America avoid it at all costs.

  5. Hawk says:

    Grim Eyes doesn’t know about Digger’s trouble with liver, does she?

  6. Marrock says:

    Feh… vegetables are what food eats.

  7. fishboy says:

    Aaaaand I’m caught up. Dammit! Now I have to wait like everyone else πŸ™

    But on the plus side I shall get some sleep tonight and possibly do some work tomorrow.

  8. theysabet says:

    **blinkblink** Well, THERE’S a grounding comment after all the sad, wistful emotion of the last few weeks; kind of like a bucket of water. I’d hug Grim Eyes, only she’d eat me.

    (Not that I have any problems with the thing with Shadowchild; it was sad and beautifully done. I’m just amused at the contrast.)

  9. TekServer says:

    > vegetables are what food eats.

    Well, in their world sometimes that’s the other way around …


  10. wolfofsilver says:

    Who wants to take bets that the stomping is Digger, and we’re about to see a “….she’s right behind me, isn’t she.” moment? πŸ˜€

  11. Timprov says:

    Ow, I have transition whiplash. I hope you’re well-insured.

  12. seawolf10 says:

    No bet. That’s a certainty.

    I’m sure it’ll be funny, though.

  13. Sammi says:

    TekServer: Think Digger would feel somewhat conflicted about eating one of those vampire squash? Could be like being a carnivore by proxy.

  14. Brian says:

    “And here we see the contempt of the obligate carnivore for the digestion of others…”

    Oh, that’s a terrible pun! Bad Ursula, bad!

  15. Aoede says:


    it took me a while to understand your comment. And then I rofled πŸ˜€

  16. Kayru says:

    I was surprised to see the phrase ‘taking a crap’. Hopefully I’m not the only one.

  17. Archangel Beth says:

    Hm, yes, “taking a crap” does sound vaguely british, doesn’t it…

  18. MadamAtom says:

    Huh? I’ve never lived anywhere but New Jersey and Florida, both in the U.S., and “taking a crap” didn’t strike me as at all unusual.

  19. Sweetmissblue says:

    I wasn’t surprised to see it … but I am in England, though it’s not a common phrase – at least not where I live.
    And wolfofsilver: I’ll take that bet.

  20. Aelfwine says:

    Nicely done!
    Grim Eyes has a good way of reminding us that life goes on, etc.

  21. veneyeth says:

    Well one comic relief gone. But now im caught up and hooked. Nice work.

  22. jomiller says:

    I have to admit it is really nice to be back to the lighter side of things. I got hooked on this comic because of the subtle humor (“gastropodz rule” that little snail still cracks me up).

  23. zowski says:

    what a place to catch up.

  24. annvole says:

    I keep reading that wombats are the only animal with square … er… crap. That might be a contributing factor.

  25. Pseudo says:

    Is Grim Eyes drawn a bit diffrently? Her muzzle looks shorter giving her a more cartoonie look. Or perhaps it is just forshortend. She also seems pensive.

  26. Lurkie says:

    Aw, man, now I’m all caught up. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next page just like everyone else now.

    And yes, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that the stomping is Digger. πŸ™‚

  27. JewelWolf says:

    Holy crap, annvole, that’s… weird. Well, that’s one random bit of knowledge that’ll probably never come up in conversation. Interesting, though.

  28. Vera says:

    Heh! Square wombat poo — figures, for engineers/architects (in Ursula’s world anyway). Maybe they dry them and use them for building blocks? Or paint them and use them for alphabet blocks for wombat toddlers? The mind boggles!!!


  29. Faranior says:

    in soviet russia vegetables eat you

  30. KNO3 says:

    Square poo? Very cubist.

  31. BunnyRock says:

    @theysabet. Yep, that turned me from tears to hysterical laughter in one go. I’ve wanted to hug grim eyes since i found out about her tragic childhood. my plan was to find some mead and get her too drunk to fight back against a well sprung surprise hugging ambush. Actually i thinks that how a pair of my friends first met an a historical reenactment gig.

    @annvole. Yes, quite right. I nearly brought it up when The Hag was going on about how she’d be buggered if she was changing Diggers bed pan again. To be fair if you had to be on bead pan duty (being British i pronounce that word with a very short u and quite a hard t, so no, that pun is not possible thank you very much) for any creature, a wombat would be far from the worst: wombat metabolism is so slow they only need to defecate about one every three days, in which case I’d imagine she’d take her time. Also on the matter of exertion gentlemen wombats, in common with other marsupials, do not urinate via their penis: in marsupials that organ is forked (because girl marsupials have two wombs) and only use their penis for sex, having a separate waste sacks.

    And whilst we are on the matter, i may as well mention in passing (no apologies for the pun) Hyenas are the only creature with dung you can (easily) write on a chalkboard/blackboard with: as they can quite happily digest bone they have to excrete all the calcium from the hydroxyapatite somehow… the result is dry hyena dung looks pretty much like someone with a melon baler, a lot of frustration to work off and far too much time on their hands has attacked a slightly grubby chalk cliff face and left the resultant detritus in neat piles on the edge off a hyena clans territory as a warning to lions and other hyenas that they are mad as hell and have melon balers galore. Like deer, hyenas go for latrine behavior in a big way. they keep everything quite neat with the entire clan going in one or two spots only, right on the edge of their territory as hint to everyone that you are entering hyena country.

    The fun things you learn when you Google what those rugby fans told you in the pub and find they were not pulling your leg. How come every nation in the commonwealth gets not only FAR cooler animals but a better standard of rugby than Britain?

    …Yes, anyone digging up any place there three have been is going to give the archaeological coprolite chaps the most confusing day of their lives.

  32. Tindi says:

    BunnyRock, I came back here and read that comment again… this time, the mental imager kicked in. Thank you for the giggles, and please pass the brain bleach (I b’lieve I gave you the rest of mine).

    Also, for some reason, probably because of the poo discussion, I am reminded of the MythBusters episode with Adam and Jamie polishing a turd. You can polish a turd, and it becomes really shiny… but is still a turd. xD

  33. werepixi says:

    @BunnyRock While the English are a fairly reliable lot they have had a couple of spectacular failures in thinking over the years. Like sending your prisoners off to a bloody huge tropical island while you stayed on the cold small rocky island. As someone raised in Australia all I can say is to our ancestors is “Thanks mate”
    I say *ours* because I’m only a 1st gen Australian, the rest of the family are English