Shameless pluggery

Just to shamelessly plug a bit, my book “Dragonbreath” a comic-text hybrid for kids (but hopefully fun for the whole family) is available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble!

Dragonbreath at B&N

It’s been up at Amazon for a bit now…

Dragonbreath at Amazon

I admit, I’m starting to get excited about the release! Since I did the thing…god, most of a year ago…it seems bizarre that it’s only now coming out. I’ve already finished the sequel and I’m working on the third book in the trilogy as we speak.

So very odd.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. DanielCoffey says:

    Yay! More Ursula madness! Nurk was a delightful read, even for us grown-ups, so I am looking forward to Dragonbreath too (and it is listed at Amazon UK). Vomiting sea-cucumbers? I can’t wait!

  2. Wood says:

    Also available for preorder from Powell’s City Of Books ! Support the non-chainstores !

  3. Jiyambi says:

    I hope it sells well and you make lots of monies! First time poster, love the comic and all your art. Someday when I’m rich I plan to buy some 🙂

  4. Pseudo says:

    I have sworn off buying hardcopy, too bulky for my portable life. But I still love your work, and would like this book. Is there a way to reconcile these two facts?

  5. Mad Scientist says:

    Purchase book, scan book and save as .pdf, donate book to local library?

  6. DanielCoffey says:

    Sadly the publishers have thought of this already – if you read the license terms in the front of most physical books you are not allowed to store them electronically even if they are your own copy.

    Best bet is to lobby Amazon to release a Kindle version or something. I believe there was a link to click on the Amazon US page to that effect.

  7. Amethyst42 says:

    Squee! Pre-ordered, can’t, but I gotta!

  8. rowan says:

    I’m wondering if my siblings might like this, what age child would you say its for, and gender?

  9. Ursula says:

    My kid brother who’s nine now, has been reading this since he was…oh, seven or eight, I think. He’s very precocious, mind you, but I’d say any bright kid with a good vocabulary could at least give it a try…

    …and I’m an idiot and thought you were talking about Digger. Ahem.

    Dragonbreath is specifically targeted–says the publisher–to middle-grade boys, i.e. 8-12 boys, particularly reluctant readers. However, I’ve had scary-bright five year old girls love it, so I’d say there’s a range.