April 14th, 2009


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  1. Sildraug says:

    Knowing how much of the early bits were apparently improvised, I wouldn’t wager on much.

  2. BunnyRock says:

    sry helusanation, i dropped the ball on that one. Nice use of names by Ursula. Descending Helix is her relative, thus they share at least some of the same DNA… Dang it Ursula you are too good at making this meaningful on LOTS of levels.

    Dammit Ursula! I’m an Archaeologist, not Anton Chekhov’s Gunsmith!

  3. TekServer says:



    (P.S. Apologies to Scott Malcomson; I incorrectly took credit for the “DUCT” observation somewhere further along in this archive. Oops. Blame it on faulty memory … ) :\

  4. Trogdog says:

    I like that he said “contracted” rather than married. nice consistency there.

  5. Kisame says:

    That’s a lot of math, reminds me what god promised to Abraham, would have happens anyway

  6. Romanticide says:

    Go back enough years and you will probably be related with someone you can’timagine.

  7. rueyeet says:

    eight sons? gracious. how’d he ever find the time to hire out to a god??

  8. JET73L says:

    Jon: The tunnel was weird because it was shorter on the inside than the outside. It came up out if the floor of Ganesh’s temple, but wasn’t in the earth below it. It was commenters who took Trader Manuel’s references to “a year east” and his weirdways and assumed that Digger had travelled through time.

    Blob: As mentioned toward the end of the last page of comments, having eight sons doesn’t mean Helix has no daughters.