March 10th, 2009


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  1. Ozark says:

    I got a PayPal account very recently just to subscribe to this comic, and now it’s free! Oh, irony. XD
    Grim Eyes is spooky-cool here.

  2. Moriarity says:

    Grim Eyes is indeed spooky-cool here, but Grim-Eyes seems to do that occasionally.

    I expect Digger will protest that she didn’t _choose_ to involve herself with gods.

  3. grNephrite says:

    Love the new layout, and thank you for fixing the RSS.

  4. ToraKiyoshi says:

    Hey, Ursula! Congrats on the new site!

    I am with Ozark, there. I finally came into a windfall of cash that I would be able to subscribe to your site… and now I don’t have to. I guess I’m going to have to buy some Digger swag at AC this year instead. Oh, poor me…

    -=Kiyoshi, who bought all three books at AC’08

  5. Nathan says:

    Juuuust what she wants to hear. ; )

  6. Oscelot says:

    Woohoo, seperate website! Congrats Ursula!

  7. ToraKiyoshi says:

    “Juuuust what she wants to hear.”

    What? That I’m planning to buy Digger swag at AC this year? Of course it is! I need to pick up a copy of Nurq, too. It wasn’t enough to read half of it on my friend’s floor one afternoon. I must have my own!


  8. bookwormls says:

    thank you thank you thank you!! I HATE graphicsmash, thank god I never need log on there ever again!

  9. Siege says:

    I liked GraphicSmash, but I’ve had moral issues with Paypal for a while (their partnership in using Doubleclick redirects as part of their site design is new-ish but creeps me out at least as much as their known tendency to get grabby with sudden cash influx, and the ease with which transactions can be reversed). Sadly, this fear ties me up when it’s someone I’d like to give money to. :/

  10. Richard says:

    @ToraKiyoshi: I think Nathan was most likely referring to Digger with his pronoun.

    I suppose all this congratulatory talk and the relatively current date means I’m approaching the end of the archives … travesty!!

  11. “If you choose to involve yourself with gods, you must allow them to work as they will.” Like you get a choice?

  12. BunnyRock says:

    I’m in the same boat as Ozark… i got pay pall only for Digger. not sure what to do now.

  13. Eugene says:

    Ah, it seems I’ve reached about the date the comic arrived on the site. Wee, this is fun! Digger might not be an archaeologist, but I can pretend to be!

  14. Henry says:

    I don’t understand the first panel. A speech bubble — obviously Murai’s, from the content — is pointing at the empty air. What’s going on?

  15. Sammi says:

    It’s not pointing at empty air. It’s pointing at Digger. Which is mildly confusing, but I think we can assume that Murai is off-stage to the left.

  16. TekServer says:

    > Like you get a choice?

    You usually get a choice, and Digger has gotten several choices … but the alternative to doing what the god wants is usually not very palatable …


  17. Kisame says:

    Why does murai want to find madness? (a.k.a. Sparta)

  18. JET73L says:

    Digger had a choice. She could choose to let the universe unravel and try finding her way home through drug-navigated magic caves, or she can hang around and see if there’s another way home while implicitly accepting the god’s request for help. She can go with the hand of a god on a quest for another god, or she can let a pretty much innocent acolyte freeze to death (or earlier, starve or drown or be killed) with only a begging bowl and no knowledge of surviving in the wilderness to help her. She can climb out of the crevasse or wait to die. There’s always a choice.

    Shadow-eyes shine in the dark! Maybe it’s a trapped shadowadult? Or a god, since they seem to go all shiny when Shadowchild or Murai describe them? I’m inclined to go with the latter, at least as far as what the characters call gods.