September 8th, 2008


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  1. Jelis says:

    Ho, boy.

  2. Eugene says:

    I get a real “Shadow of the Colossus” vibe from that structure.

  3. TekServer says:

    True that gray’s not a good color on a human.

    But is it a good color on wombats, or hyenas?


  4. helusanation says:

    Shadow of the,,,,,damn, I might still have that game..sitting here making up the walls of my burrow

  5. Nivm says:

    Is the stooping winged figure a statue?

  6. AnonyGurl says:

    Lizard! Where’s the little lizard? It just feels like there ought to be one of the little lizard guys putting in an appearance in the last panel again.

  7. tonia says:

    Is Psycho living in that old mansion? “Moooother?”

  8. Tindi says:

    Nivm… I think it’s architecture, but it looks to me kind of like the head of a schnauzer. xD

  9. Alias says:

    Holy crap it’s Batman!

  10. Tetrominon says:

    Can’t nothin’ ever go easy…

  11. JET73L says:

    Sacked. Drat. Or maybe just long, long since abandoned.

    The shape near the top of the structure looks like either Vincent Valentine from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII or the head of the great red dragon from the Bone comic series. The shape on top of the spike at the bottom looks like a cartoon doberman. I expect both to be part of (what remains of) the architecture.

  12. Zelith says:

    @Tek: We have heard Digger’s hide refered to as grey a couple of times. Usualy by Skins, to be fair, but I think they’re experts. Not her fur, her HIDE. So I’d say it’s atleast a normal color if not a good one.

  13. kelardry says:

    There should be a little lizard here, looking startled, with a balloon. Raise your hand if you think this needs a lizard! Does anybody read comments when it’s been this long since the page was posted?

  14. TekServer says:

    @kelardry: thanks to a well-crafted RSS feed, I read all the comments, no matter how old the page on which they are posted.

    As for the balloon-lizard, I believe we’ve seen him before, have we not? Perhaps a new lizard, either peeking around a post, or hang-gliding, or something.
    Then again, this page is properly serious in demeanor; the hang-gliding lizard would probably give it a wide berth …


  15. Ellemerr says:

    Kelardry, I’m confident that someone will always come around to read the comments, no matter how much time passes. Because the comic is so awesome everyone in the whole world should read it, and I’m sure most of us can do with reading it more than once, and at the second time through, at least, one should have a go at the comments, and people like BunnyRock and TekServer and other awesome people will make sure that if one starts reading the comments, there’s no stopping, because no way can you miss out on all that.

    Whewh, that’s a lot of ands and becauses.

    And I support lizards. Of course I support lizards. Lizards for the people! 😀

  16. WJS says:

    I’m no herpetologist, but I don’t think lizards do snow very well.

  17. TekServer says:

    I wonder if anyone else still reads these comments … Just in case: hello!


  18. Altarboy says:

    Hiya TekServer!

  19. Meira says:

    Years later I’m making a fourth pass through the archives, and reading all (or almost all) the comments. I’m writing down some of your reading suggestions. What a nice and fun group you all are!