August 28th, 2008


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  1. Skinwlkr66 says:

    My favorite shadowchild quote so far

  2. Richard says:

    “It’s Shake ‘n’ Bake, and shadowchild helped!”

  3. city17 dweller says:

    “Yay! I’m helping!” … *is hilared*

  4. Shadowchild reminds me of Gir. Which is to say I love it. I think Shadowchild is my favorite character, followed closely by Ed.

  5. Tindi says:

    Now that you mention it, there’s a LOT of Gir about Shadowchild…

  6. Lanthir says:

    Shodowchild’s a helper! (^__^)

  7. Jatopian says:

    Shadowchild is way better than Gir on account of not spouting random garbage about tacos and such and not constantly ruining things, among other reasons. In fact, I daresay I enjoy Digger much more than Invader Zim.

  8. Domino says:

    great. now everytime Shadowchild talks, I’m gonna hear Gir. And my ever-helpful brain will input various quotes about mooses, pigs, pizza, tacos, tuna, and doom at random. wonderful. thanks.


  9. Jon says:

    Yeah, ain’t it just?

    Incidentally, I’ve heard a sort of less-shrill GIR voice for Shadowchild since like the third page of him.

  10. Kayru says:

    Again with the YOINK!

  11. Ben says:

    It’s the innocence that does it. Gir has that glitchy “good little evil soldier” mode he gets into sometimes, but otherwise he and Shadowchild are both beings of supreme innocence. Ain’t they just adorable? ^.^

  12. bA nAn A says:

    Even though JV would hate me for saying it, Gir is cute. But he’s also a hedonist, which Shadow-child is very much so not. There are similarities in stature and understanding of the world, and cuteness, but I think everything else about them is /very/ different.

  13. Eugene says:


  14. Henry says:

    “Yay! I’m helping!” — a rather unnerving echo of Thog from Order of the Stick.

  15. WJS says:

    I thought it was Elan said that? Or has Thog said it too that I forgot about?

  16. Cas says:

    Vertical fetching is exactly what familiars are for. See? Shadowchild IS a familiar.

  17. TekServer says:

    Nope, not a familiar: no telepathic link or sense sharing …


    (Sorry, can’t help it: I’ve been playing D&D for over 30 years … )

  18. Tindi says:

    My puppy is like that. “Yay! I’m helping!” With EVERYTHING.

  19. rueyeet says:

    I wonder if there was a time, long and long ago, where the other demon of this tale would have wanted to help.

  20. Brenda says:

    These comments are amusing because I have no idea who Gir is – obviously a character from something – but I know that Ursula is currently living with an oh-so-exuberant beagle named Gir…

  21. lduke says:

    @Brenda Gir is a character from a now canceled Nickelodeon show called Invader Zim.

  22. @rueyeet says:
    “I wonder if there was a time, long and long ago, where the other demon of this tale would have wanted to help.”

    Long and long ago, indeed. Somehow, though, I think not.