August 19th, 2008


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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Seeress says:

    oh dear. beware the peacock’s tail…

  2. brigitta says:

    one word: whoops.

  3. UCGV Defenestration says:

    We’re happy to report your local gravity utility is functioning well within specs.

  4. CovenantFan says:

    Oops! Correction: Crevasse!!!!!

  5. Keenath says:

    Like she said, prophecies are worthless except as another club to beat yourself with later…

  6. TekServer says:

    A prophecy for the slug: beware the wombat bearing salt and beer!


  7. lduke says:

    @TekServer would that be druidic beer or Guinness?

  8. AngelicDirt says:

    Probably Miller Lite. Just to spite him.