August 16th, 2008


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  1. Jelis says:

    … I have a bad feeling about this. >.>

  2. Domino says:

    ….*reads the above comment. ponders. pinches bridge of nose and fumes* Damn you, George Lucas….

  3. Eagle0600 says:

    Does the darkness shine?

  4. Larry G says:

    Anyone notice Murai’s footprints here? Or, more to the point, the lack of them?

  5. Vespasiana says:

    I would think that it’s more from her robe than the Dark Mother’s influence.

  6. helusanation says:

    or that she is behind digger in the second frame?

  7. Xyon says:

    I think Digger turned around to check on her; though that doesn’t explain why Murai is facing the wrong way in that instance.

  8. Edhelith says:

    Not unless Murai turned around to look at something behind them first.

    Or she suddenly sped up to get a look at something in the distance…

  9. Brenda says:

    There is a sort of faint squiggly trail behind Murai, which looks like it’s her robe sweeping up her tracks behind her.

  10. VJ says:

    The real question is why they’re not walking single file in each other’s prints. It’s much easier to get through snow that way, and with the unknown quantity of drifts etc. it makes no sense not to.

  11. The Procrastinator says:

    Single file is easier for those not breaking the trail, but it can cause problems if you’re going over unstable snowpack. As each person passes over a given spot, they compact the snow down and, if it’s a bridge, stress it; there might be enough give in fresh snow to take the weight where there wouldn’t be if it was already tamped down.