August 3rd, 2008


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Discussion (11)¬

  1. Domino says:

    oh man, I could just see that. “What’s rape?” Digger has a coronary on the spot to avoid having to explain.

  2. Tris says:

    Digger has had a few very… maternal moments these last few pages. This one… perfect.

  3. Hunter says:

    Oh, no. This won’t end well.

  4. BunnyRock says:

    when Diggerrr rrrroles herrr rrrr’s morrrre than Grrrrim Eyes, It is rrreally unlikely to end well.

  5. Roscoe Del'Tane says:

    Has anything good EVER come from hearing those words (let alone when the speaker has you by the ear)?

  6. I see Digger’s doing the r rolling thing now, as well. Guess the whole ‘hyena adoption’ thing has some unforseen consequences.

  7. Trogdog says:

    “Am I a rape?”

  8. Tindi says:

    The “worrrrrd” i think is her drawing out the word for emphasis. That’s how I “hear” it at any rate.

  9. JET73L says:

    *toothy grimace* “Ixnaaay… about the ape-jokes-ray… in front of the iiiild-chay!”

  10. Ellemerr says:

    “Am I an ape-jokes-ray? Or an ixnay?”

    Anyway, it’s always been the pinching of the ear that made this one for me. Never thought I’d ever see a wombat paw (if that’s what they call them) pinching the ear of a half-deer… Before Digger, anyway. But I guess she’s just that awesome.

    And those nails (or whatever you call them) look kind of painful, too. Unsurprisingly, for one who uses them to dig.