July 6th, 2008


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  1. Adalia says:

    Is that a winged snail? Because, if it is that is unrestrained awesomeness.

  2. Morne says:

    Forgive me, but that winged snail seems highly anatomically improbable.

  3. RoBear says:

    It’s their guardian angel. Putting a new twist on “only travel as fast as your angel.”

  4. Max says:

    Do they fly really slow too?

  5. Gewitterwind says:

    I still like the little lizard things. <3

  6. Leela says:

    Unresreained awesomeness is known to be impobable.

  7. Ellemerr says:

    For some reason, I thought it was a moustache, and had to wonder what the grandpa slug was doing in the tree. Though he might be reading the leaves, I guess. In any case, I’m glad I have the comment system to make those kind of things clear for me. *nods*

  8. Andrew says:

    It’s in a nest, in a tree – of course it’s got wings!
    Unrestrained awesomeness, indeed.

  9. Kayru says:

    I find the hobo lizard with a mohawk to be the part of unrestrained awesomeness, myself.

  10. BunnyRock says:

    I like drunk-hummingbird-chase. Is the hummingbird drunk on nectar which has fermented accidentally or do you recon that The People get roaring drunk on mead and go out to chase hummingbirds? If it’s the second one… boy, those hyena’s know how to have a good time.

  11. NexoxEnigma says:

    I could swear that the snail just has the most impressive set of eyebrows I’ve seen on a gastropod this week. And lets face it – eye brows are far more useful than wings.

  12. Jeanette says:

    About the drunk-hummingbird thing- there are some bushes that grow near my school that some birds eat, and it ferments in their stomachs and they end up smashing into windowpanes

  13. Passer By The Ways says:

    Has nobody noted that the mohawk is a feature seen on several hyena warriors?

    Warrior Lizard! Squeeee!

    ooh, hobo bag — banish-ed. Sads. 🙁

  14. Lord the 22nd says:

    I’m tempted to make the hobo lizard my new avatar…

  15. Lord the 22nd says:

    I’m just going to make little avatars of all the lizards I see from now on.

  16. Kemonojin says:

    For those to be eyebrows, they’re both too low and too far back. Remember a snail’s eyes are at the top of the things on top of its head… and the ‘mustache’ seems to be behind its arms..

  17. jaynee says:

    Nah – that’s an epaulette. That snail has rank!

  18. Emma says:

    winged snail or mowhawk lizard- how can two panels hold so much awesomeness? (any resemblance to a mutant haiku is totally coincidental, and not my fault)

  19. Poor Wandering One says:

    Hey it looks like the lizard from the heart panel was successful!

  20. JET73L says:

    “Stupid cow-god-thing, guilt-tripping me… The least it could have done was send a follower that doesn’t get lost the first time it sees a shadow.” Climber hoped he would soon see Moorai again, but the next visitor from the bushes was not the simple acolyte. After a short rustling, a furry ball of teeth and claws hurtled into Climber… It was Tail-Rings, Climber’s adoptive sister!
    “Even when you’re fuzzy, I still have to keep you out of trouble. Maybe it’s not all reptiles that have your luck.”
    Climber’s heart steadied from a tarantella within his chest to a steady, if quick, beat. “No, it’s just me. Have you seen a winged snail lately? This seems to much like the forces-gathering phase of a myth to be coincidence.”

  21. BunnyRock says:

    @JET73L: Well dome; I’d love for Digger’s group to bump into a party of adventures on a parallel quest, like in Shawn of the dead.

  22. Ellemerr says:

    I love Climber!

    His new mohawk is kind of cool, too. I wonder what Moorai actually looks like?

  23. The Procrastinator says:

    Logistical Issues.
    In metal masks.