July 1st, 2008


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  1. The Dark Ferret says:

    If you lose, you’re an idiot and if you win, you’re an a$$hole. 😛

  2. Angela says:

    “She’s good at using her weakness as a bludgeon.” Reminds me of a Terry Pratchett quote…

  3. Mishal says:

    “Five times [her] age”, huh. Well… if Grim Eyes is Ed’s daughter, that would make her about 17-18 years old, and that would make Boneclaw Mother 85-90 years old. That’s about old enough to be *everyone’s* grandmother. Hmm.

  4. Jon says:

    Have we figured out yet why Ed talks kinda funny? Is it a side-effect of name eating?

  5. Pester says:

    I think it’s because he had so many years of not talking to anyone. It’s a hermit thing.

  6. Saphroneth says:

    Myself, I think it is due to having to remember his status. Before, it was guilt so he kept bringing it up. Now, it’s pride in the name, so same thing.

  7. UCGV Defenestration says:

    Maybe if “it/Ed” over-use was the only real abnormality.

    Remember, Ed went 17 years without anyone to talk to – I’m almost surprised his language skills are as intact as they are. I mean, that’s probably almost half his life.

  8. BunnyRock says:

    Yay! Road trip! Errr… I mean epic quest. Oh who cares, Grim Eyes is awesome. I love all three of these Guys!

    Can’t wait to see how these three girls get along, given that between them they’ve got skills and weaknesses that would put all the player-characters of all my insane mini-maxing RPG geek friends to shame.

    “Hey guys, i took ‘witnessed things beyond the ken of mortal man’ and ‘unhinged’ and got 90 extra Character points. You?”

    “‘Unbelievably sad childhood’ ‘evil stepmother/aunt/grandmother’ twice and ‘effectively an orphan’ to pay for ‘tracker’ ‘hunter’ and ‘just plain badass’. You?”

    “I took ‘utterly pragmatic’ ‘utterly sensible’ and ‘wombat’. ‘”

    “Which of those is the plus and which is the minus?”

    “Buggered if i know. To be honest, I think they’re all a bit of both at times.”

  9. NexoxEnigma says:

    Ed’s odd speach could be related to his revealing lots of mysteries of the universe, as it were. Sort of like Yoda. Not a great explanation from /within/ the story, but fun from a style perspective…

  10. Rowanmdm says:

    A possible contributing reason to Ed’s speech patterns is that Ed might also be a little honorably mad-he himself admitted he might have gone a little crazy. I do think the lack of communication definitely is a factor though, since his language skills have improved since we first met him.

  11. TekServer says:

    ROFL @ BunnyRock! That has to be the best comment yet.

    I’ve had groups – and characters – like that …


  12. Mark Antony says:

    BunnyRock, you’re awesome.

  13. Rundikin says:

    Ed’s simpler speech may be an artifact of the artist beginning by making a simpler character and then wanting to give the hyenas more sophistication. She admittedly drew “Off the cuff” at least at first.

    Of course it is more fun to retrofit explanations.

  14. Arrkhal says:

    I’d still say congenital brain damage due to a difficult birth is as likely an explanation as any for Ed’s speech patterns, especially since he’s improved only a little by talking to Digger. Being beaten for years couldn’t have helped any, either. Poor Ed. 🙁

  15. Shiitake says:

    Wow, it’s like arguing with your girlfriend!

  16. Lord the 22nd says:

    I like BunnyRock’s comment. But have to ask, how did Boneclaw Mother know about Digger’s journey?

  17. Zelith says:

    @Lord the 22nd Two options. One, she’s that much of a badass. The longer version of that is Grim Eyes has heard a fair ammount about what’s going on, especialy with the last run-in with the cold servants. Like the statue I think she got a pretty remarkable read off Digger and knew she wouldn’t walk away from it all.

    Second, Ocular Slug. ^_^ He’s got lots of off screen time to get up to things. The message for Digger could have been ‘you’re going to be poorly ambushed by a hyena’ and had nothing to do with leaves as a info source.

  18. BunnyRock says:

    @Lord the 22nd: she said she smelt a little of the god Mother Of Earthquakes on Digger, hence Diggers Hyena name. She also said she smelt that Digger had yet farther to go and deeper to dig. Blind seer who has a sense of smell so good she can smell the future, anyone? Come on: you know you want to believe it. Yes, it’s possible, nay, likely, that she found out about the journey some more mundane way, but her senses ARE uncanny, and Boneclaw Mother is so cool that if someone said she could smell peoples future, smell peoples’ inner monologues, that she was the world fondue* champion and once fought Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling match IN SPACE!**, part of you would want it to be true.

    *The meat kind, with the fondue dish full of hot fat and little bits of steak on long forks of course: hyenas don’t strike me as being big cheese eaters: one, they are hunter gatherers, not herders, and two even if they tired herding I can’t imagine a cow staying sane and not dying of fright in their presence for long enough to be milked.

    **It’d be a stalemate, of course. Unless Boneclaw resorted to psychological warfare to win, which she of course would. Frankly, just shouting “I’m female and I’m still probably better hung than you!” would probably be enough to terminally distract any male, even Chuck. We’d probably have to resort to Boneclaw vs Batman on the surface of the sun to give Boneclaw Mother, as seen by us fans (Ursula may have more realistic ideas of her characters strengths and weaknesses), a true challenge.

  19. Silver Guardian says:

    @BunnyRock: If it hadn’t been late morning, my laughter at reading your comments(both of them) just now probably would have driven people from their beds in an attempt to get me to shut up.