June 24th, 2008


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  1. Pester says:

    So is this an instance of the fantasy heroine having a charismatic mammal/animal companion?

    And which one is which in this case, anyway?

  2. Eugene says:

    Well, that depends. Is there anyone in any universe ever, who is capable of mistaking Digger for charismatic?

  3. Drascin says:

    What do you mean, “mistake”? Digger has mora than enough charisma. She may show it in a very blunt way, but she’s rather persuasive in her own way and she always seems to get people to at least listen to her.

  4. Worgen says:

    ahh Digger, closest thing to an atheist you can have in a world where the gods are constantly bugging you

  5. WJS says:

    What, Digger not charismatic? You see the number of times people have declared her awesome or words to that effect here in the comments? *That* is charisma, right there.

  6. TekServer says:

    Digger is plenty charismatic; I’ve already promised her a marriage proposal if we were to meet. 😉

    And for the record (again), Digger is NOT an atheist: she believes in gods (how could you not, in that world), but she prefers not to worship them (or have anything to do with them, when possible).


  7. TekServer says:

    (And I love the bit about the “short version” … )


  8. Nifar says:

    Digger’s closer to Agnostic. She acknowledges that they exist, but wants nothing to do with them.

  9. Rubberduck says:

    Still not right I believe. Atheists don’t believe there is a god. Agnostics profess that they don’t know whether a god exists.

    I don’t think that there is any real world group that has come up with the idea that one or more gods exist, but that they just refuse to associate with them. So we need to come up with our own semi-greek word. I declare Digger an Antilatris, a non-worshipper.

  10. TekServer says:

    You could go with something a bit easier to understand, instead.

    How about, “anti-theist”?


  11. BunnyRock says:

    I hate to bring up the dark devourer of all spare time, the thrice shunned more-addictive than-a-very-addictive-thing, there-is-no-such-thing-as-notoriety, god-lord-is-it-3AM-already? monster that is TV Tropes but they have a term even more terrible in its pun value.

    Nay-theist: some who acknowledges the existence of gods and says “no thank you.”

  12. TekServer says:


    I am so using that term …


  13. Absconding_Cascade says:

    she’d probably be classified as an Apatheist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apatheism

  14. Lupus says:

    It’s a very Pratchett thing: Just because the gods exist doesn’t mean you have to go around believing in them, you don’t need to believe in a table to use it.

    (something like that, anyway)

  15. Matthias says:

    “But mostly I see him in his aspect as a bloody nuisance.”

  16. ReySquared says:

    Nifar–while it is rather nit-picky of me, that is not what agnosticism is. It’s perfectly possible to be an agnostic atheist OR an agnostic Christian. This is more like, say, apatheism, though I do like BR’s “naytheism”.

  17. Kisame says:

    Say goodbye to the nice statue. Where does she gets those genius ideas?

  18. Emma says:

    @ Lupu. Yeah, I personnally think of that as the Vimesian school of belief “just because the gods exsist doesn’t mean you should believe in them, that just encourages them”
    @BunnyRock what I’d like to know is how TV tropes does it. it’s like internet crack

  19. lduke says:

    No Emma, cracked.com is internet crack, TV tropes is more like internet caffine, can’t live without it, but too much of it WILL kill you.

  20. JET73L says:

    Or maltheism. *laughs at BunnyRock’s perfect description of my beloved (Stockholm Syndrome?) TV Tropes* But naytheism has a much better ring to it, and doesn’t have connotations of meaning or producing harm towards gods.

    Digger believes in gods the same way a short person believes in an ottoman. They exist, and can be useful for other people, but they’re not worth faith, fights about them can get annoying, and it’s very easy to stub something on them at 3:00 AM.

  21. The Procrastinator says:

    [Last panel]: So that’s the other reason they’re starting so early! A girl’s got to get her devotions right!