May 20th, 2008


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  1. Jatopian says:

    noooo not six weeks! That’s more than a month! You’ll miss Manuel’s return!

  2. Mediakill says:

    Huh huh…coproliths.

  3. SSpiffy says:

    Yay! Less than a year’s worth of updates to go and I’ll be caught up!

  4. Brennan says:

    That’s a bad thing! It means you’ll have to start waiting days for more pages!

  5. Faranior says:

    Echo that Brennan. One might lose interest in a comic if the pace slows too quickly just because you caught up after reading a long comic, no matter how great the comic has been up till that moment.

  6. Rowanmdm says:

    FYI, for those (like me) who did not know, coprothiths are fossilized animal dung. 😉

  7. TekServer says:

    > coprothiths are fossilized animal dung

    One might successfully deduce that from the context in which it is used here. (Good info, though.)


  8. Tindi says:

    Faranior, my solution to that is to go through the archives again. 😛
    I really do think the statue means that about being happy for Digger, even though it warks his agenda up, because on top of being generally compassionate, I think he likes Digger for herself and feels sorry for all she’s been through (even though he doesn’t know the half of it).

  9. jaynee says:

    Excellent word, Tindi. I have days when everything is warked up… come to think of it, today is one of them.

  10. BronzeGolem says:

    Even more curious to the whole coprolite thing is that people study them. Nothing wrong with that if you are cutting them apart to see what the animal eat, there are several ancient species of rodents that are only known to us because their bones were found in fossilized owl pellets. The bizarre part is when some scientist start giving them scientific names based on specific shapes, which is just plain stupid, it would be the same as scientific naming cow pats, just because they have different shapes it doesn’t mean they aren’t the same thing.
    In a funny story with coprolites there is a fossil a palaeontology teacher of mine called “fossilized bad luck” , it’s a coprolite that has imprinted on the footprint of a large feline. Yup not only is stepping in poo bad, in the right condition it can fossilize and people millions of years from now can still laugh at your misfortune

  11. JET73L says:

    Pardon me, but could anyone (including Jatopian) tell me from whence the six weeks estimate came? Sorry if I’m being oblivious.

  12. JET73L says:

    Never mind, it’s on the next page. Sorry.