April 11th, 2008


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  1. Persephone_Kore says:

    Oh, my, I had forgotten this line. Poor Digger, being informed that not only is she entangled with Ganesh (even if he’s not so bad) and the Hyena God On Dubious Life Support, but there’s another one that the hyenas think is hanging out with her. *g*

  2. CovenantFan says:

    Oh you guys…”Hyena God on Dubious Life Support” That’s rich…and so accurate!

  3. Dybael says:

    Single combat, how adorable!


  4. Mark Antony says:

    Boneclaw Mother once again shows that she is a wise woman. Life is always better when free of gods.

  5. Kisame says:

    They match each other with their disliking of gods 🙂

  6. lduke says:

    It’s not that they dislike gods (that’s not healthy, gods break the windows of athiests), but they would really rather leave their dealings with gods at the other end of a ten foot pole, if not further away.

  7. GreyCrowbar says:

    They both dislike gods. Mother and Daughter less than a day and she already takes after her.

  8. Gentle Dementia says:

    As a male I gotta admit, I’m feeling a little underrepresented in this comic, you all have Digger, The Hag, Murai, Grim Eyes, Boneclaw Mother and so on. We’ve got Ed, Jhalm and the Oracular Slug. Still an amazing comic though.

  9. Gentle Dementia says:

    Although the Slug is a hermaphrodite, he definitely has a masculine speaking style, so yeah.

  10. Silver Guardian says:

    Well, I’m male, too, but I don’t mind so much.

    Maybe it has to do with my mother; on a good day, she can be just as sarcastic as any of these ladies, and as I’ve been reading this comic, I’ve come to notice that it’s nice (in a hypocritical sort of way) to see that sarcasm turned against other women, instead of a poor naive man like me.

  11. Matthias says:

    Well, we males have Owl Caller, too, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly Ed that helps.

  12. Squeegy says:

    Well, Gentle Dementia, it’s quite a change from most stories,so that may not necessarily be a bad thing.