February 25th, 2008


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  1. Anyte says:

    I gotta say, I love the lizards.

  2. Karyl Lee says:

    fight something and then take it on a date– HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I love this comic, I’ll be recommending it to a bunch of folks. Oh and btw, I have read all the adventures of Master Li and Number Ten Ox, they are now in a compendium. 🙂

  3. The Dark Ferret says:

    Love the noir lizard! Nice touch.

  4. Lemming says:

    I’ve seen that lizard as someone’s avatar somewhere and now I’m going crazy trying to remember who and on what site so I can find them and bond with them over our love of Digger…

  5. Mad Luc says:

    *snicker* Oh, poor Digger…

  6. fishboy says:

    That lizard is totally Flaco from Sheldon 😀

  7. TekServer says:

    It’s also someone’s avatar HERE. motub, maybe?
    Nope, not motub. If I figure out who, I’ll try to post back here …



  8. Lurkie says:

    I was introduced to Digger a few days ago, and have working my way through the archives. There are some wonderful characters, and some GREAT lines. But this one, “I was pumping more testosterone than a teenage boy,” made me lose it completely. I was laughing ’till my eyes watered. It took me a while to be able to finish Digger’s narration. I’m still chuckling, and my ribs hurt. Thank you, Ursula, thank you!

    The lizard looks like a Pog to me (from Buck Godot).

  9. TekServer says:

    Ha! Found it!

    The person here with the Lizard-Noir avatar is Jay, whose first post was here:

    (Sorry this took so long; I got sidetracked on another comic for a while … not that anyone but me likely cared … )


  10. Lee says:

    That lizard reminds me of Pogo. Well, not Pogo himself, but one of the other characters.

  11. Xyon says:

    Having been a teenage boy so recently as five years ago, I relate to this page all too well.

  12. Octane says:

    I use the lizard avatar quite frequently, though not here.

  13. jaynee says:

    Of course we care, TS. Nice to see that the OCD has a good firm hold : )

  14. TekServer says:

    Thank you, jaynee; it’s nice to be appreciated (OCD-colored warts and all)!


  15. Lord the 22nd says:

    That lizard is going to be my new avatar.

  16. magenta says:

    Humphrey Lizard?

    Perhaps Dick Lizard or Private Lizard?

  17. OOF says:

    Newt Rockne?

  18. Elkian says:

    I love how deadpan that last sentence is XD

  19. JET73L says:

    “What? I’m a newt, not a lizard-gecko-whatever. A forth wall newt. You think I’m Climber-of-Circuitous-and-Leap-Fraught-Arboreal-Paths? Do you /see/ scales on me? No, just a trenchcoat and fedora. Read. My. Monologue. /Newt/, capische?” With a gritty sigh, Investigator Eyelick stamped out her smokeweed roll and clambered back down into the office amongst the roots of the tree.she was leaning on. You hear the phone when a square meal is as rare as a tasty monarch butterfly, you answer, and ask questions later.

  20. Kits says:

    Laughed so hard at her thoughts in the last panel.

  21. TekServer says:

    @JET37L I don’t know how I previously missed your Lizard Story in years past, but I’m really enjoying it on this late read-thru. 😁