January 6th, 2008


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  1. Tindi says:

    Somehow, I knew that was going to come back and haunt her. Don’t ever disobey your mother, even if she can’t see you. Mamas have good karma.

  2. I was wondering if the fight would ever be brought up again. And if someone would explain how both participants escaped unscathed. It’s really been bothering me.

  3. Eugene says:

    Jahlm fended off two demonic beings on his own. I don’t think a single hyena was -that- much of a problem to deal with.

  4. Eagle0600 says:

    But NEITHER of them were hurt.

  5. TekServer says:

    Well, Grim Eyes is no pushover either.

    The logical conclusion, to my way of thinking, as to why both survived their encounter with little or no injury, is that one or the other of them disengaged and fled, possibly because of the arrival of reinforcements on one or both sides.

    It is also logical to conclude that the hyenas and veiled have encountered each other before, and have probably learned grudging respect for the others’ fighting prowess the hard way. Thus they probably avoid letting any conflict between them escalate into something that will seriously impact both groups.

    (My money’s on Jhalm running first, of course … )

  6. Sammi says:

    I suspect that Jhalm is the better combatant in single combat (hyena hunt in packs, and a pack of hyena would probably crush an equal force of Veiled just due to pack tactics, but that shift in emphasis would make a lone Veiled soldier able beat a lone hyena with a little effort) and at least as well-trained in brawling as he is with a sword. Remember too that Grim Eyes had just had her spear–probably her preferred weapon–broken. I bet he knocked her out or proved to be a formidable enough opponent that she cut and ran.

    And, as TekServer said, they probably know (of) each other. Grim Eyes knows that the Veiled aren’t prey, and Jhalm knows that hyena fight for their food, not out of random malice. They could have just stopped after a couple of punches and gotten back to whatever they were doing.

  7. BunnyRock says:

    actually, spotted Hyenas don’t really hunt in packs, they move on mass to drive lions or other top predators of their turf and mob smaller predictors to take their prey on rare occasions (spotted Hyenas are not the scavengers or thieves some media depict them as i’m sure you all know, they take 70% of their prey life and are FAR more likely to be robed by lion than the other way around) Typical they move out to a hunt area in a pack then split up into pairs to cover more ground. they then stamina-hunt their prey and separate it from the heard and deny it rest and harass until its weakened then kill by disemboweling, by contrast a lion or other cat usually gives up if its initial spirit fails. other hunting methods have been reported, but a long hunt followed by fairly nasty disemboweling deaths are the norm.

    In this pair a senior Hyena, almost always female, harasses the prey and makes the kill, the other (male or younger female) watches the senior females back and occasionally takes over so the big female can rest briefly. The pack only re-congregates when one par had got some promising prey cornered or some enemy interrupts the hunt. Usual, once one pair find something others close in on the same target and helps harass it, but still the senior female takes the prey down alone

    Given spotted hyenas are a third the weight of lions and hunt the same sized prey in many areas, the senior female kills not with speed or strength but by being far, far more resilient to tiredness and pain that anything else in its natural range (the testosterone levels in both sexes are stupidly high for just his reason) .

    Given this, and that the “cold” male hyenas were thought enough to give him a nasty eye injury and that that Grim Eyes is appears more than happy to fight without her spear, I’d not write her of as the losser in this one quit to fast, especially as she had the element of surprise. Sure, she’d miss a partner to watch her back and miss the rest of the hunt arriving to witness the kill once she’d got something cornered, but i doubt she’d break down and cry without a pack their to back her up. Given she was out on her own and armed when she found digger before this fight started, i’d say she’s used to one-on-one fighting.

    I still think he’d give her a run around, he was armed and is a scary, scary man, but given the sounds of surprise coming from him i’d bet she realised Digger had got away and deiced to take her aggression out on the convenient prey and then when she realised he was armed and close to the temple and thus reinforcements, she broke it off before his faceless veiled chums could arrive.

  8. TekServer says:

    Excellent analysis, BR.

    Have you ever considered writing, or maybe narrating, for the Discovery Channel?


  9. Tindi says:

    Beware the eyebrow, Digger!

  10. Tetrominon says:

    Instant karma’s gonna get you.

  11. werepixi says:

    Yeah but Jhalm, everybody wants to attack you. Your just so attackable. It;s the smugness, stop benig so smug and people will lose the desire to constantly slap you

  12. JET73L says:

    Aww, Digger looks just like Paddington Bear in panel 2! And before anyone minlsunderstands, Paddington looks almost nothing like an actual bear, and though small, certainly does not look like a small, /fat/ bear.

    Is anyone else slightly unnerved by Jhalm’s glare in his second-to-last panel, and given chills deep in their heart, liver, or stomach by the glare in his last panel? It’s almost as if the smugful disdain of his usual expression experiences some sort of amplification in a manner not unlike stimulated emission as, uh, Einstein described it , resulting in a kind of highly intensified… glare beam.
    I’m just glad it’s not aimed at the viewer (and therefore, me).

  13. BunnyRock says:

    @TekServer: I couldn’t manage the standards of impartiality required.


  14. BunnyRock says:

    *El-ahrairant would like to read the following statement on behalf of BunnyRock:

    On the 20th of September 2010, at 4.02, BunnyRock issued a statement in which he defamed Anatidae in general and ducks in particular. Following complaints from respectable sources who are in no-way part of a secret world-ruling duck mafia, he would like to apologise for the hurt that his comments may have caused to ducks and right-thinking human duck-lovers everywhere.

    BunnyRock was under a lot of stress at this time, and he let the actions of a small number of very very bad ducks (particularly that sex-pest mallard that keeps having a go at the neighbour’s hens and kicking up a racket at 6 AM) who indeed use the coercive breeding strategies common to Anatidae. He however realises that this defames many perfectly pleasant ducks (and some perfectly duchy Pheasants), and would like to withdraw these remarks.

    On an utterly unrelated note, he is looking forward to the safe return of his family, who he is sure will be found safe and well and not at all dibbled to death in a horrible, blunt spoon-like beak related attack in the village pond, and would like to make it clear he is not in any way being held against his will by any form of evil Anatidae
    Military Junta. On an utterly unrelated note, I am very sorry to report the tragic death of absolutely everyone who has ever looked at the TV Tropes page “Morally ambiguous ducktorate”, their families, friends and non-Anatidae pets, even though such a page clearly never existed because we all love ducks and would never go against their wishes in this way. We all love you and your leadership of Oceania, Big Mallard. BM dibbleplusgood! BM dibbleplusgood!

    The bread tax has been increased to 200 grams per day: Oceania is not at war with the geese; Oceania has never been at war with the geese. *