December 24th, 2007


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  1. Tindi says:

    I would say dying by vampire squash would be humiliating enough to get some of the death price, since hyenas are very proud people.

  2. Glenn says:

    And to think I was led here today by Googling the simple question: “How much of a watermelon is water,” following Wikipedia to the section on bleeding juice on the skin, jumping to the Balkan legend of vampire gourds, then seeing that there was a webcomic that mentioned it. And here I am. Best. Jump. Ever.

  3. TekServer says:


    That’s a great webcrawl, there, Glenn.


  4. Xyon says:

    Truly excellent trawling. First rate.

    Even better that you kept track of your route, too. That’s tunnelling a wombat could be proud of.

  5. Tarnish says:

    Well, at least if you are a “Digger of Overly Convoluted Tunnels”.

  6. Biddo van Oduk says:

    Thats what I love about the intarwebz… there’s so MANY shinies…

  7. Lica says:

    @Glenn Very interesting way to find this comic ;) but now i’m curious, how much of a watermelon is water?

  8. JET73L says:

    Wikipedia says about 92% water by weight (6% is sugar, and I think the rest is connective material, cellular components, that sort of thing). Since I seem to recall 8% being an important statistic regarding the physical makeup of watermelons, I’m inclined to believe the article.

  9. insideprawn says:

    @Lica The world may never know.

  10. macrosthemagnificent says:

    @Lica watermelons 92% water by weight, according to Wikipedia.

  11. Sildraug says:

    Now I’m tempted to try to freeze-dry a watermelon.