December 16th, 2007


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  1. John the Wysard says:

    Wow. That battle really had me going off my gourd.

  2. The Dark Ferret says:


  3. Mediakill says:

    Hell, if I was rotting into oblivion, bludgeoning someone to death would be A #1 on my list of things to do.

  4. Mad Luc says:

    Die with honor! Drink in Valhalla and Sing the Songs of Glory! GLORY TO THE GOURDS!

  5. Remick0 says:

    Otherwise known as: ‘Going out in style’.

  6. Tarnish says:

    I see it now: Pumkin Kratos- Gourd of War.

  7. Naler says:

    I’d like to seethe farmer’s reaction when he discovers this scene. Specifically, I’m wondering if he’s still gonna use the gourds as fertilizer.

  8. Jack Munroe says:

    Gourd-geous puns, folks. I have no doubt that John Mellon-camp could write a ballad for the Battle of Lost Gourd Valley.

  9. Jack Munroe says:

    Also, the cold servants just got SQUASHED!!!!

  10. Tindi says:

    Ow. The puns. They hurt.

  11. Taylor says:

    Hm, the second panel reminds me of Okami for some reason.

  12. Warhammer says:


  13. Murasaki says:

    Puns don’t hurt. Its the un-breathable snickers that hurt.

  14. Areetsasaurus says:

    In retrospect, I should probably have known better than to munch icecubes while reading this particular sequence, but the comments didn’t help.

    Also, the puns. Quite.

  15. Saskfan says:

    Oh, dear. Ice cubes up the nose, Areetsasaurus? Condolences!

  16. Pyrian says:

    This is especially hilarious after playing a rousing game of Plants vs. Zombies. XD

  17. Sildraug says:

    Digger should be quite thankful, with all of her gourdian forces.

  18. EveryZig says:

    These puns are not well regourded around here 😀

  19. werepixi says:

    The squash were just gourding their patch

  20. Lord the 22nd says:

    These puns are driving me out of my gourd.

  21. BunnyRock says:

    Melons are funny

    *El-ahrairant would like to report that the pun centre of BunnyRock’s brain was burnt out by the comments on this page, and this is the level of dribbling inanity that he is now reduced to. Shame on you. Shame on you all. He had a really funny pun-poem for you all, based on a hilarious rime for the word “Cucurbita” but now the world will never know it. For shame* : )

  22. TekServer says:

    @El-ahrairant: Don’t get yourself all tied up in a gourdian knot. I’m sure BR will recover quickly; he’s unlikely to be a vegetable for long …


  23. JET73L says:

    Since they got squashed, it doesn’t really matter what kind of armor they had.

    Also, did these start out as yellow squash before they turned vampire? If so, I’m sure there’s an Orange Squash joke in there somewhere, for which I don’t want to look too hard and risk any more SAN points against pun damage.

  24. Zelith says:

    It’s a vegetable cornacopia of punes*. Where the cold servants hit so hard their pumpkin could feel it?

    *(Or play on words**)
    **(Am I the first person to footnote a comment?)

  25. seshiro says:

    the amount of puns caught me off gourd

  26. larry g says:

    I hate being gourd by puns. Makes me feel like a watermelon. Large and seedy.

  27. Sildraug says:

    Eh, quit being so meloncholy.

  28. Silver Guardian says:

    Meloncholy… I’m gonna have to remember that one. lol