December 7th, 2007


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  1. Great! This is the last page that you could see on Comic Smash without paying. I didn’t have money back then, so this is the last I day of Digger until a few days ago. This is so exciting! I’m about to cross the threshold! I hope…

  2. Rista-liehna says:

    I am so glad this site got started! I subscribed to GraphicSmash for this comic, but after a month or two it stopped letting me log in, even though they still charged me. It’s sorted out now, but this place is much better.

  3. inlaid says:

    Hear the magic hear the roar….


  4. Raidell says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad I can now see the rest of the comic! This was the last page I saw, then I never came back to it until today. I’m so glad I get to see the end of this epic tale! 😀

  5. Tamfang says:

    When they run they look like Seussotheres.

  6. …they forgot to cut the bridge.

  7. Jeanette says:

    well, if they can just get away on trolls, there’s not much reason to cut the bridge. It’s not something you’d really want to do anyways since you’d have to repair it later.

  8. WJS says:

    Yeah, it’s not so much forgetting as Digger saying they should cut it, and Surka telling her to get bent.

  9. TekServer says:

    I spy a Troll Hole!