November 11th, 2007


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  1. WestRider says:

    Y’know, “Death, Pigs, and Penmanship” would be a pretty good album title.

  2. John the Wysard says:

    Oh, lordy, I’m glad I’m typing this. My penmanship is indeed of this category.

    I’m REALLY enjoying going through the archives here. It’s a funny, thought-provoking, erudite and gripping story.

  3. The Dark Ferret says:

    “Death, Pigs and Penmanship” would make a great battle-cry!

  4. Haven says:

    Meanwhile, a lizard re-enacts a Calvin and Hobbes comic.

  5. Cheri says:

    That’s why you always cross your 7’s!

  6. Jatopian says:

    Or put a line at the bottom of your ones!

  7. Lukjad007 says:

    I’ve noticed though, that those who cross their seven usually put a line under the ones and a down-left line at the top of the ones. This looks a lot like a seven, if you have bad handwriting. 😉

  8. BunnyRock says:

    i dunno Lukja, my archaeology supervisor preaches the merits of a seven with a line on the basis that it is harder to confuse with a one. then again, she also insist on one without a line at the bottom…

  9. NexoxEnigma says:

    Odd, I started crossing my 7s so they wouldn’t get confused with 2s. I have a somewhat loose relationship with penmanship, and I frequently start moving onto the next digit before lifting my pen. Then my 7s end up with a tail… and things go badly from there. Of course a crossed 7 with a tail looks more or less like a z, which I had to start crossing because there was no way it was distinguishable from a 2 in the best of situations…

  10. Jeanette says:

    I just draw ones as just a straight line, like this: | . That seems to stop confusion between sevens, which I just draw like 7. I find the extra lines make it pretty confusing.

  11. Jeanette says:

    Oh also I really love the art on this page. 😀

  12. Dan D says:

    This is why I have two different handwritings. My usual scrawl for general use, and a very neat block writing that goes on blueprints and forms. The little bit of hand drafting I had to take in college produced that even though almost everything is done on computer now.

  13. Les says:

    The little lizzard-thingie again. I love it so much 😀

    To contribute to the discussion about handwriting: I write the 1 with a little line on the top and the 7 crossed. I get so confused if anyone uses, what I call “the american” writing for numbers.
    As I use a “,” as decimal seperator, ones look like crippled commas to me – all the frickin time.
    It’s strange, how even the numbers are different – not only the units of measurement ^^

    Anyways: Thanks for this great comic! I do enjoy it very much.

  14. jaynee says:

    Dunno about American number style, but the French “1” looks a lot like an English “7”, so I too cross my sevens. I used to always cross my zeroes, but these days I spend a lot more time with non-nerds, so have forced myself to stop ‘cos the poor dears think its “crossed out”.

  15. Trogdog says:

    the shooting star portends the coming of great evil. that’s why the lizard looks scared.

  16. Areetsasaurus says:

    Or maybe it’s not a shooting star and is instead a burning bundle of rags on a ballistic trajectory, more likely than not a Hyena experiment in the field of killing and cooking prey at the same time, two lizards with one rag bundle, as the (mutilated) saying goes.

  17. Elkian says:


  18. JET73L says:

    And the lizard finally succeeds in making a firefly explode with its mind.

    The earth was safe, as the size of the comet was three orders of magnitude smaller than the infosheet stated, once again teaching us the value of properly organized data (serendipity is fun!).

    “No!” said Climber to the Beamchild. “Evil is… is… When you do something to hurt another person.”
    “Oh,” said the Beamchild. “When I kept you from being eaten by the shrew by shining in her eyes, and she went hungry, was that evil?”
    “That was…” Climber once again slapped a forefoot to his face. “…complicated. But thanks for saving me.”