November 7th, 2007


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  1. Saphroneth says:

    What I find interesting here is that the only time she was not welcome, he was not ed.

  2. TekServer says:

    And actually, Saphroneth, Ed went through (or tried, anyway) the hospitality ritual with Digger BEFORE she gave him the name Ed. So technically she was welcomed even then, at least after the initial unpleasantness …


  3. BunnyRock says:

    interesting how “trying to kill and eat someone” can after time become “initial unpleasantness”. And so weirdly believable. A couple of my best friends initially came off as utter jerks, but somehow they just flipped mental polarity one day and suddenly were stanch friends. Or maybe I changed. Who knows?

    Oh, and Ed has never looked better than in panel two. I want to frame that one. He looks so happy.
    We don’t see him smiling often enough.

  4. Trogdog says:

    yeah, I noticed early on that he (and grim eyes) looked much more “rough sketch” than any of the other characters. I figured that it was because he required much more detail, and that didn’t really fit in with the over all aesthetic. I also thought that it might be because Ursula was kind of feeling his character out, sort of the same way that Digger has evolved. I think he’s come along rather nicely.

  5. Emma says:

    I probably should have mentioned this before but… I want an Ed.

  6. Lica says:

    Everyone needs an Ed

  7. BunnyRock says:

    I could give mine a Piggy back ride! Then I’d have a wise Ed on young shoulders!

    OUCH! My Soul! That pun actually hurt my soul! OW and El-ahrairant and the pun police are throwing things in disgust! Ow!

  8. JET73L says:

    0_0 Panel 2 Ed… is at the front of the running for most adorable mammal ever. Certainly most adorable hyena ever (so far).

    BunnyRock, that… ouch. I applaud your horrific magnificence of punnery.

  9. “I could give mine a Piggy back ride! Then Iā€™d have a wise Ed on young shoulders!”

    Oh, me achin’ ‘ed…

  10. Arrkhal says:

    She was welcome in his cave the first time, too. At least, before Ed found out what a wicked left hook she has.

  11. dsollen says:

    Completely random comment, but anyone notice that it almost looks like a giant person is sitting hunched over in panel two? The cave entrince looks kind of like a head, with the big rock looking like the back and some of the grass lines under the rock looking kind of like legs. At my first scan of the image, before I started reading properly, I swear it looked to me like a person drawn in a more abstract manner that Ursula often does (like in Eds cave paintings)

  12. TekServer says:

    Took a bit of puzzling out, but I can see it.