October 21st, 2007


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Discussion (8)¬

  1. SO many things perfect about the dialog on this page, I don’t even know where to start.

  2. Eugene says:

    At “Grim eyes!” ? :p

  3. BunnyRock says:

    Just to check, is this the first time Grim Eyes actually gets mentioned by name?

  4. TekServer says:

    I think you might be right, BR.

    I’m resisting the urge to go back through the archives a 5th time to find out, though …


  5. Lee says:

    Yes, it is. This is my first time thru, and I’m covering about a chapter a day. Until now, the name has occurred only in the comments.

  6. reid says:

    wow… really? she was named at the top of the last page

  7. Cornbread says:

    Reid is right. I looked at everyone saying “this is the first time she’s named!” and thought “How bad are these peoples’ memories?”

  8. Matanui3 says:

    Look, it’s Frogsnuggler and his identical (just as ugly) twin Snugglefrogger!