October 3rd, 2007


Kind of a tribute to “Bridge of Birds” here with that last line. If you haven’t read this fantastic book by Barry Hughart, you should go find it. Right now. Seriously, I’ll wait.

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  1. WuseMajor says:

    “The Rats must Fly” is a good phrase.

  2. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    Yes, I can definitely see the inspiration from Master Li and Number Ten Ox in Digger with the practical treatment of the divine interfering in everyday life EVERY day.
    “Bridge of Birds” was the best book. The other two got – weird, in my opinion.
    Digger is like Discworld – it gets better the further it goes. ^-^

  3. Felixpath says:

    THAT’S what this has been reminding me of! I’m so pleased to see any reference to Bridge of Birds, anywhere, ever!

  4. Stig says:

    Hm. Too long since I read that book. Need to read it again.

  5. Big Fuzzy Chris says:

    Hee, I caught the reference even before the comments! Love those books, and very sad that he never wrote the other 4 of the series 🙁

  6. Waywren Truesong says:

    Aww, but I love The Story of The Stone! It was my first one, too. But I totally agree with you when it comes to the Skilled Gentlemen.

  7. slywlf says:

    Considering how much I’m enjoying this I took the footnote advice and pulled up my local lending library site and put in a request. It should come in by the weekend, so now let’s proceed 😉

  8. Glenn (a different one) says:

    You…didn’t like “8 Skilled Gentlemen”? But….but….it has the chapter on serving Snake! Gormet dining at it’s finest! Just the thought of it makes me want to go out for Chinese tonight!

    On a different note…bloody heck. A friend of mine mentioned this comic last night, and I, having too many webcomics to read anyway, just HAD to take a look. And now I’m thouroughly hooked. I mean, I SHOULD be working right now…

  9. Warhammer says:

    I tunes started playing “ride of the Valkyries” last page.

    Very fitting

  10. werepixi says:

    Our copy of Bridge of birds fell apart recently due to it being read and re-read so much

  11. Matanui3 says:

    You’ll wait? Does that mean you won’t post any more pages until I get the book?

  12. Tindi says:

    So this is the appropriate place to leave this: Just read Bridge of Birds last week: THANK YOU! It’s now on the (short) list of things I’ve ever read/seen/played where I had the instant desire to do it again immediately. As is Digger, obviously, since here I am again. >.>

  13. Beacon80 says:

    “Whatever you have found is the architect — or the victim — of a terrible evil”
    Or both.