September 30th, 2007


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  1. TekServer says:

    😀 again …

  2. Lemming says:

    Oh I love that tired-out-wombat/the-light-is-too-bright face!

  3. Mark Antony says:

    >_< <— Digger

  4. Piratefish says:

    “On the contrary, burrower, without madness we would be deprived of many fine sain ts and holy man.

  5. Emma says:

    “On the contary, burrower, wihtout the mad we would be deprived of many fine saints and holy men”=LOL

  6. BunnyRock says:

    as promised on page 214, my limerick! Following on from the events on page 214, amid the excellent series of limericks TekServer inadvertently spawned there


    … I give you Ode to a marsupial having lunch! Dedicated to the muse of sleep depravation, fanfic, Geekiness, and Furry Fandom (Or El-ahrairant, as she is known to her friends)

    T’was from a Wombat warren she hailed,
    But she went for a walk with a veiled,
    But lest they get thinner,
    She stopped for her dinner,
    And soon frond her planes were derailed

    Her Friend was not right in the head,
    On a goddess she look’d = nearly dead!
    When the darkness did shine,
    She found it the time,
    To retreat to her metal sick bed.

    Then suddenly two painted lizards,
    Who wanted to write on their gizzards,
    The left hands of God,
    Writ in the blood of a dog,
    And drawn in an purple ink blizzard

    But our Digger was not eas’ly a’feard
    With her pickaxe she practically speared,
    The two old dead man’s skins,
    And then with rope and things,
    She knotted them up by their ears!

    The Info she was fast to get out,
    Said the lizard: You’ve no need to shout!
    There’s an old dead god, chained up the poor sod!
    With cold servants all scattered about!

    So to this chained god the liz lead,
    And Digger saw it was defiantly dead,
    But her friend said “look there!
    It’s a heart in the air!
    And not even attached to his head!”

    And Digger then noticed the chain,
    And she felt with a great bolt of pain,
    “well that’s mightily queer,
    To see wombat work here,
    But if he was lost, then I shan’t attach blame!”

    The Mauri stared to go a bit funny,
    Because she had seen the dark mummy,
    She said the darkness shone too,
    Like moon rhino poo,
    and Digger worried her brain had gone runny

    So they went to observed close the heart,
    For Ganesh, when Digger she gave such a start.
    “ why just one pulley there,
    hung up in the air,
    They’d soon half their work if they’re smart!”

    Was mist’s this the metal birds came,
    Always keen to sneer and to shame,
    “You don’t leave the deep,
    Now you’re ours for keeps
    And your life will never be the same!”

    Then: t’was midst this momentous spelunk,
    Her friend’s sanity then did a bunk,
    “oh, what if she fell,
    How would I tell?
    The statue: I couldn’t look him in the Trunk!”

    This though stuck Digger as simply obscene,
    So she bucked up and took one for the team,
    Pulling out her pick-axe,
    and dealing them a few whacks,
    And all screaming of tunnel seventeen!

    They got away from this metal bird flurry,
    and retreated in a bit of a hurry,
    the veiled then fainted away,
    Digger had to drag her all day,
    Without even a beak for a curry!

    And to that divine Pachyderm,
    She said “matey, you’ll just have to learn,
    Not to send underground,
    The ment’lly unsound,
    No matter what knowledge you yearn!”

  7. Joseph says:

    BunnyRock: I’m surprised to have found this so shortly after you posted it. I didn’t even find it via either of your links; I happened to be at this point in the story.

    It’s a neat poem, though it certainly isn’t perfect. I caught a couple grammar mistakes and incorrect words. Some examples: “frond her planes were derailed,” “an purple ink blizzard,” “they’d soon half their work,” “was mist’s this.” (I also think you meant “mental sick bed” instead of “metal sick bed” and “definitely dead” instead of “defiantly dead,” but I’m not sure about those.)
    Additionally, Digger did take a break while dragging Murai, though I’ll grant it wasn’t a break for curry. I can accept that this and similar discrepancies were to make it rhyme, but they still bothered me somewhat as I read through.

    Still, nice job. I don’t want to come across as not liking the poem at all; I just tend to nitpick when I notice errors.

  8. TekServer says:

    Sheer doggerel, and absolutely brilliant! I heartily approve, BR!


  9. BunnyRock says:

    @Joseph: yeah, as soon as I posted it I stared to see errors. That’s the problem with writing: all you see when you read it back are your own errors. Dyslexia and Word’s spell-check have never been kind in that regard. Like the regrettable Enchilada Milk episode. The thing that really gets me it I put “deep” and not “Deeps” in line 3 of verse 10, as the Deep would seem to indicate the bottom of the sea, where as “deeps” is more indicative of deep caves. Likewise, as you spotted it should be “Plans” not “planes”, “Midst” not “mist’s” and of course, “mental” not “metal” and “definitely dead” instead of “defiantly dead”. And more. When I get around to it I’ll clean it up and put it on my website for prosperity. As for the bizarre factual discrepancies needed to make it rhyme… well… just think of it as the events of Digger’s adventure underground as narrated by the Mad Hatter. Whist drunk. Possibly on laudanum.

    And thanks TekServer, Sheer doggerel was what I was aiming for.

  10. JET73L says:

    Much applause to BunnyRock!

  11. Ellemerr says:

    The Mad Hatter is a wonderful narrator! Despite the grammatical errors, I enjoyed your work of sensible nonsense muchly, especially the “She said the darkness shone too, Like moon rhino poo,” bit. Cracked me up.