September 22nd, 2007


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Discussion (8)¬

  1. The Dark Ferret says:

    Had to happen…

  2. Dybael says:

    Had to happen as soon as Digger mentioned it, really. That’s just how these things work.

  3. Freemind says:

    Afoul *snicker*

  4. Thornwitch says:

    It’s the Skekkzies (sp?) from the Dark Crystal!

  5. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    Aye, they look pretty foul indeed, and don’t get me started on the smell!

  6. Ryn says:

    Would that be Foul or Fowl, in this case?

  7. Lica says:

    So these are the cold servants? The skins mentioned two kind of servants, the red ones and the cold ones. I wonder what the red ones are? (the little cute lizard slaves? na, i’m sure they are pink, not red =P )

  8. Lord the 22nd says:

    I believe when they said red, it was because of their body heat, rather than skin color.