September 8th, 2007


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  1. Rue says:

    There are so many wonderful creatures in this comic but I have to say I LOVE the skin lizards. There is just something about those little guys.

  2. Anna says:

    Skinning someone… out of compassion? Whatever’s down there cannot be good.

  3. How does she think up these creatures? And manage to make them all so CUTE despite the fact that almost all of them seem evil at our first meeting? Genius, that’s how.

  4. Brennan says:

    THe typewriter font has disappeared…

  5. Skiold says:

    Much like Ed’s desire for immortality through his cave-paintings, we see that theme resurface here with the skin lizards, using skins for that purpose. I suppose even Digger plays into this theme, as the statue points out when it says she worships the works of her hands.

  6. Mad Luc says:

    Well, if they are *living* skins, then skins are alive, yes? In a way, more alive then walking around, and falling down and rotting along with the useless pile of meat that used to be a ‘body’.

    So, creepy but harmless.

  7. TekServer says:

    Skiold: not too big a stretch, really. Immortality seems to be one of the first unrealized desires of a sentient species, at least based on the one real-life sentient species of which we have a historical record.

    As evidence of this, look for one of the oldest narrative stories in human history: Gilgamesh.


  8. Nivm says:

    Or Beowulf, gaining immortality through fame.

  9. dreysabriel says:

    When i first heard these guys speak, i immediately thought of the Rat Monsters. I was surprised they didnt want to make her into a kiesh…

  10. Dragon mith says:

    Out of compassion?
    Now where have we seen that before?

  11. Trogdog says:

    or D&D, hitting level 20 and becoming a demigod. (OH YEAH, NERDIN’ IT UP!)

  12. Kisame says:

    This point of view is facinating, I mean, pratchet already invented the people who wait for death to come without being depressd on life but the skin lives regardless the body? That’s so original it’s funny

  13. werepixi says:

    Well I plan on achieving immortality by just not dying

  14. BunnyRock says:

    @dreysabriel: No comrade! We’re supposed to be monsters! We cannot be seen to eat quiche by the small mammal!

  15. Lord the 22nd says:

    I love the rat monsters! I especially love the brown one’s obsession with quiche. I also love quiche!