September 3rd, 2007


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  1. Snuffle says:

    Their sincerity would be adorable if they weren’t talking about skinning people.

    Aww, who am I kidding, they’re adorable anyway.

  2. Cameoflage says:

    They’re so creepily cute! :3

  3. Dybael says:

    They mean the best, really. Their best just happens to be utterly terrifying.

  4. Jeanette says:

    I love the font changes on the “very VERY careful” there. Definitely made me think of a creepy slimy voice.

  5. TekServer says:

    I also rather like the idea of a complex caste system among the skin lizards …


  6. Mad Luc says:

    So sweet, so reassuring. So… utterly creepy.
    Wait, so human skins are low quality? I feel weirdly offended by that.

  7. Mark Antony says:

    Well, human skin is thin, soft, and doesn’t have much fur. Compared to a wombat, whose fur is thick and durable and covered in fine furs, human skin doesn’t really measure up. Yes.

  8. TekServer says:

    I’m currently reading Mike Jefferies’ Shadows of the Watchgate, in which the villain is a somewhat mad taxidermist who starts dabbling in magic. When he decides to try his taxidermy skills on some fresh human corpses, he also laments the poor quality of human skin compared to animal pelts, and continues to be frustrated in his efforts at preservation …


  9. Mad Luc says:

    I beleive it was a The Far Side Comic that had a pair of well-fed crocodiles compare us to spam, in terms of the simplicity of the meal…. same principle.

  10. Dark Hawk says:

    Another thing about Human skin is that it tears very easily. It does make a Good canvas for painting though.

    And if memory serves its part of the inital reason (besides lack of fangs, wild animal strength [this one I think I’m wrong], and claws) why many of our Ancestors turned to tools for hunting.

  11. Cornbread says:

    With regards to human softness and its relation to tool use (and other cultural things) it’s really a chicken-or-egg issue – we got soft and weak in response to effort-saving technology or we developed tech as a way to overcome our weaknesses, or some self-enforcing combination of the two.

  12. Kisame says:

    This is criticism of how diffrent other cultures see each other, yes and yes belive that the person will still live a long after the removing of the skin

  13. Murasaki says:

    Well…as long as your careful….

  14. werepixi says:

    I love these guys

    I just don’t think I could ever relax or go to sleep around them

  15. Ellemerr says:

    I honestly find you commenters far, FAR more creepy than the Skins.

    And I bet you’re not nearly as cute, either. No offense. 😛

  16. WrenTruesong says:

    It’s very different reading this, now that I read it again. It’s weirdly comforting, even.

  17. Mental Mouse says:

    Cornbread @2010: AIUI, we lost our fur so that we could shed heat for long-distance-running. That’s what originally made us a terror of the ecosystem — we could outlast a pursuing predator, or run down a fleeing herbivore. (And still can, especially since we nearly doubled our height.)

  18. Mental Mouse says:

    Also, LOL at the “pat pat”.