August 6th, 2007


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  1. ren says:

    speaking as an incipient structural engineer, that is the best threat /ever/.

  2. WuseMajor says:

    That is a very good Wombat curse there.

  3. Lanthir says:

    I must concur that that’s a pretty amazing curse/threat. Especially if one lives in an area prone to earthquakes.

  4. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible…

    But given what is later learned about Digger’s “immunity to [divine] manipulations”, I’m curious as to how – no, what – succeeded in “messing with her brain”.

  5. Eugene says:

    That you’ve voiced this curiosity is interesting, since it suggests that there is still a shadowy mastermind on the loose, even now.

  6. TekServer says:

    Or perhaps Digger’s mind was just in an unusually receptive state because of the bad earth and hallucinations …


  7. BunnyRock says:

    Speaking as an archeologist, good materials can make the difference between an aqueduct still standing nearly two thousand years after its was commissioned, or a fort falling under its own weight mid-construction. War and fire and flood are destructive,but bad materials can survive these thought luck or chance or divine providence or the skill and determination from the dwellings owners that it not fall, not on my watch. Time and wind. Simply time and normal weather conditions separate the good materials from the bad. that and keeping somewhere roofed; in temperate conditions, once the roof is gone the building’s walls will usually fall quickly, no mater how good their materiel.

  8. TekServer says:

    Excellent exposition as always, BunnyRock.


  9. Phyrbyrd says:

    Going through the archives for the third time – and now that I know Digger as well as I do, I am SHOCKED at this curse. COMPASSION, burrower!

  10. Snowbody says:

    We need the word “Than” between “shocking” and “bridging”.

  11. Lord the 22nd says:

    What Snowbody said.

  12. Pink says:

    There are non-magical ways to mess with someone’s brain. It could just be in choosing the appropriate items for Digger to stumble over that would entice her to pick up something.

  13. Arrkhal says:

    Even in a shorter term, a crappy dwelling will be higher-maintenance. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to really fix the problem, short of tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch.