August 4th, 2007


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  1. Michael says:

    Typo: “seperate” is now joined, in the final panel (but the first instance of “separate” was spelled correctly!) Damn, but I am good and hooked now. I love this comic.

  2. Eugene says:

    This sort of thing is so much easier to explain after they invented rubber bands.

  3. TekServer says:

    Rubber bands!? I rather like the sewing analogy, myself.

    It kinda works as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge metaphor, too … (which might actually sort of apply here … )


  4. BunnyRock says:

    now now, lets try to leave physics metaphors out of it. This is a respectable webcomic gentlemen! Where do you think you are, xkcd?

    The awful puns on the other hand…
    Why did the cat fall of the roof? Because its Mu was too small.

  5. TekServer says:

    Now that’s an excellent use of the word Murai’t there!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist) :mrgreen:

  6. Walt says:

    Wow bunny rock… just wow