July 22nd, 2007


The thing about Jhalm that lets me keep on writing him is that he’s actually, by his lights, being quite reasonable about everything.

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  1. Snuffle says:

    I totally understand that. He’s wrong in this case, but in his mind, what if he’s not? What if he just trusted the word of every strange creature that came through a magic tunnel that lead directly from who-knows-where into a god’s temple? I’d imagine a lot more people would die. Digger seems like a very honest and straightforward person, but I’m sure he’s met plenty of people who seemed like one thing but turned out to be something else entirely.

    I’ll be honest, I do frequently want to kick him in the shins, but I get why he does the things he does. It makes him a very interesting character.

  2. Tindi says:

    As I was muttering to myself on the last page, “He’s such a sod. But I kind of like him. But he really is a sod.”

  3. NigaiAmai Yume says:

    As Ed latter explains:
    “Evil is having reason, always, many and many… Is punishing world for not being…like in head. Is always reason. World should be different, is reason. Is only good is not having reason… Just is.”
    I wish we could have Ed and Jhalm talk – not that it would do any good.
    Actually, for Ed’s sake, I want Jhalm as far away from Ed as possible. šŸ˜›

  4. Kaleidoscope says:

    We serve the *living* gods?

  5. Rowanmdm says:

    Oh my…what an interesting point Kaleidoscope.

  6. Lica says:

    The living gods?? What about the dead gods? but… ok, no spoilers.

  7. TekServer says:

    You know, Jhalm reminds me a lot of many of the cops I’ve met.

    And mostly not in a good way …


  8. BunnyRock says:

    It’s not that he’s right, nor that he’s justified to do this, its that he’s SMUG about it! There ought to be laws against smugness. If he was a complete baby-eating power-abusing amoral monster then at least I’d have to give him marks out of ten for style, but its the fact he knows he’s largely in the right and is radiating weponised smirk about it that makes me want to brain him with my printer. And its not a modern printer either, its a dot matrix!

  9. TekServer says:

    BunnyRock, you owe me a cup of coffee to replace the one that just exited my nose on its way to my computer desk!


  10. Nespin says:

    Mad skills: Being able to use a weaponized smirk /while your mouth is hidden/.

  11. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    Dot matrix. Owch. XD

  12. Tindi says:

    BunnyRock: More Pratchett: “Was she [Polly] supposed to think, ‘We have met the enemy and he isnice’? Anyway, he wasn’t. He was smug.” Monstrous Regiment, Polly’s thoughts after thwacking Prince Heinrich on the head with the “barman’s friend.”

  13. werepixi says:

    It’s being smug that’s the true crime. You can butcher 10,000 people brutally and you will either be hated or respected. But brutally butcher 10,000 and be smug about it….well no-one likes a smug bastard do they

    Bunnyrock – you have a working dot matrix – I thought dot matrix’s were only found as parts of fossils these days

  14. Lord the 22nd says:

    Nespin has a point, and Tindi is much beloved for the Discworld reference.

  15. BunnyRock says:

    Passes Tek a new cup of coffee, which he spits out as well as Iā€™m British and therefore can’t make filter coffee at all well. Stove top espresso I can do, or instant, but the little filter thing have always puzzled me*

    @werepixi some genius decided to computerise a fair chunk of the archaeological records i was working with at that time, but computerised it in the very early 90’s and the company that made the system went broke, so it can’t be updated and isn’t compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux, and it’s far cheaper to keep using the mid 90’s technology than replace it and risk losing all the records, given weā€™d have to print them all out onto paper and them manually re-input them onto a modern computer database… so yeah, cataloguing ancient finds on an ancient computer system.

  16. TekServer says:

    That’s alright, BR, it’s the thought that counts. And I’m no coffee snob, anyway; I’ll drink just about anything, the stronger the better. Espresso works, too, or even tea for that matter. I know you can make tea – they require that you learn that at a young age in the UK, don’t they?


  17. TekServer says:

    I wonder how much more hostile toward Jhalm the comments on this page would have been without Ursula’s comment …