July 18th, 2007


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  1. Cuprohastes says:

    I can sort of feel sorry for Pokes At Wombats here.

  2. Siegeq says:

    That look on the hyena’s face is just… sooo… crushfaced Kermit. Perfect!

  3. Snuffle says:

    Her mother’s spear, eh? Well… I won’t say anything here that may risk spoiling things, especially since it’s only speculation anyway, but I can’t say I feel too bad about its loss. And Pokes At Wombats? Bwahahaha! I love it!

  4. Hunter says:

    Is Pokes At Wombats channeling Jack Elam’s character from the 1970s movie Hawmps?

  5. Haven says:

    That first panel sent me to a really Freudian place, and the rest of this strip continued it.

  6. Stormchild says:

    Oh, thank goodness, Haven, I was starting to think I was the only one who went there (Freudian)

  7. BunnyRock says:

    Yeah… My flatmate looked over my shoulder at this page once (to my knowledge this is the only page of Digger he’s ever seen) and giggled himself silly at this and when i asked for an explanation of what he thought so hilarious he just said “Freudian.” When i pointed out that BOTH individuals involved were female, he just shrugged, said “hyena” and wandered of giggling to himself… now he’s threatened to write…FANFICTION

    Pass the mind bleach, please.

  8. Lee says:

    SO agreed on the Freudian aspect! And the expression on the hyena’s face when the spear goes “limp” is absolutely priceless. I’ve had dates like that…

  9. Fixer-Wolfie says:

    Can. Not. Unread. Pain. In. The. Brain. How did my dirty little mind miss that!! I guess I’m not too good at spotting the Freudian aspects sometimes… As far as your friend goes BunnyRock, I’d make a deal with him that he had to read all of digger before he could even think of writing dirty hyena fanfiction! However, this will either mollify him to where he won’t write a fan fiction OR he’ll get even more ideas for said fanfiction!!! I do have to agree with him on one point though, Hyenas. ‘Nuff said. Also- “TWANG!” XD

  10. Tindi says:

    …so what does Digger snapping it do, apart from making the male parts of this comment section wince? xD

  11. Roscoe Del'Tane says:

    When I first saw this page, I couldn’t help but think Digger’s reaction should have been something like…
    “Well, you shoved it into MY hole! Don’t you know how RUDE it is to poke things into other people’s tunnels without their permission?”

  12. Murasaki says:

    Pokes at Wombats needs to think out her actions a bit more. Like…poking a family heirloom into a hole with an angry, warrior smelling wombat.

  13. Mouse says:

    You know, knowing who she is (not She-Is, obviously, but it’s late here) and her lineage’s history now, I feel WAYYY more sorry for her mother’s spear getting broken. The first time around, it made me giggle because it abruptly made her seem that much younger – “You broke mom’s spear! She’s gonna be so mad at me!” – but now that I know, it makes me sad for her.

    “You broke my heirloom belonging to a deceased relative! It has much sentimental value, and you //broke// it!”

  14. Lica says:

    Thank you, Haven, now i can’t unsee it…

  15. Lord the 22nd says:

    Fixer state’s my thoughts fairly succinctly.

  16. Bobs Your Uncle says:

    The Hyena blinding poking into the hole with her face turned away gives me the giggles.

  17. Zelith says:

    Given Ursula is also responsible for http://ursulav.deviantart.com/art/St-Ungo-the-Well-Endowed-87992813 I’m willing to bet nothing on this page is an accident…

  18. Ellemerr says:

    Not to mention (warning: adult content) this neat little collection of oddities…: http://www.redwombatstudio.com/wpg2?g2_itemId=640 That genious lady is insane. Or possibly the other way around.

  19. BunnyRock says:

    @Ellemerr. Thats… so cute but so wrong…. I thought i had seen the lasty of those things when i stoped dooing roman archaeology.

  20. WuseMajor says:

    @Mouse, I’m afraid I have to agree with @Snuffle here. The spear was no great loss.