June 27th, 2007


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  1. Snuffle says:

    That last panel may be my favourite drawing of Ed.

  2. Richard says:

    I love the fire wisdom. It’s just being fire, it can’t help you being burned. I feel that way about the shadowchild thus far.

  3. TekServer says:

    One of the best ways I’ve ever heard of paraphrasing the concept of “force of nature”.


  4. jaynee says:

    Demon = Nature?

  5. Raidell says:

    I love all of Ed’s philosophy about the larger concepts in the world. I personally *love* Ed’s description of evil later in the story. Probably the best description I’ve ever read!

  6. TekServer says:

    > Demon = Nature?

    No, Demon = Force of Nature. Big difference. Like the difference between a temperate climate (Nature) and a Wildfire or Cat 5 Hurricane (Force of Nature).

    Wow, I now have a greater understanding of Ed’s difficulty in putting these kinds of concepts into words!


  7. TekServer says:

    (BTW, should you come back and read this, you wouldn’t by any chance be Jaynee from the EE Lounge, would you? Just curious … welcome, either way … )


  8. slywlf says:

    Wonderful bits of philosophy sprinkled all through this strip! I have to tell more folks to check it out 😉

  9. Walt says:

    I bet could have easily draw a picture of a demon, especially with his “in head, no words,” comment. Many artists have this problem.

  10. TekServer says:

    I am still in wonder and in awe of the way Ursula developed the character of Ed in such a way as to combine great childlike innocence with an equal measure of seasoned wisdom.

  11. westrider says:

    Even beyond “force of nature”, I think what Ed’s getting at here is “personification of force of nature”. A wildfire or a hurricane still aren’t demons, but could be caused by fire or storm demons.