April 23rd, 2007


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  1. Glenn says:

    I love Vo. Let me be the first to sa– no, actually, I’m probably more like the 486th to say it.

  2. Tindi says:

    He’s a pretty good judge of character DESPITE being an avatar of the divine? Because that’s what it sounds like. Also, “His Statueness” cracks me up.

  3. Fnord Prefect says:

    It’s not often that I read a comic and think “I really wish I could meet these characters”, but this definitely fits the bill.

    Heh. “His Statueness”, indeed.

  4. dsollen says:

    this reads a little odd to me. I always think of the statue as being female for some reason.

    Of course for the longest time I (and probably everyone else) thought digger was male. I guess I’m just a bad judge of the sexes.

  5. Ellemerr says:

    Well, Ganesh Himself is male, so a statue of Him kind of should be as well, shouldn’t it?

    Anyway, Vo is so wonderful. I want to be his apprentice. I’ve already got the librarian part down – or I will, come summer. But being a librarian in that Temple seems even better than being one in that nifty game-playing high-tech library downtown.