March 7th, 2007


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  1. Furrama says:


    It begins….

  2. Rachel says:

    I hadn’t notice the “chirpy-chirp” in the first panel before…it’s amazing what you can discover when you run out of projects to do while your boss is on vacation.

  3. BunnyRock says:

    Note: in the old website, Ursula said she wanted to have Digger singing an actual mining song, but changed her mind when she heard some and found out how bloodthirsty and death-to-the-company-store they all are.

  4. JET73L says:

    You mine sixteen tons,
    and what you find?
    Sixteen tons
    of ore that you mined.

    I’d ask the foreman
    if I could go,
    but I’ve got to haul timber
    for my next shift’s shore.

    -Old Wombat mining song, probably.