March 1st, 2007


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  1. gothtigger says:

    You do poignant so well …

  2. Big Fuzzy Chris says:

    Names being eaten.. this makes me think of Le Guin’s Tombs of Atuan – Tenar’s name is taken, and she becomes Arha, the Eaten One.

  3. djcuddlefish says:

    hey good call on that. another Ursula nonetheless. a great little series of books that was.

  4. Ritrat8 says:

    Digger’s stare in panel 3 made me laugh for some reason.

    Prolly because that’s the EXACT same face I’d be making.

  5. TekServer says:

    If I recall correctly, this is the page whereupon Digger’s pectoral muscles most resemble mammary development, giving her a vaguely feminine figure. They aren’t mammaries, of course, because – being a marsupial – Digger doesn’t have those. At least not in a form or location we can see without getting EXTREMELY personal.