Somebody had commented that Helix was not mentioned in the comic since 2007. Actually, that’s an artifact of the re-dating process when I switched Digger to wordpress…the original mention of Helix went up in July of 2005.

I’ve been planning this for awhile, but it wasn’t until I went back and checked the dates that I realized just how LONG. Since the comic began in late 2003, that was like…two thirds of the comic ago, which kinda blows my mind a little.

I have GOT to learn to write short stories.

Probably This Means I’m Crazy…

So t’other night, my boyfriend and love of my life got a kidney stone.

If you’ve never had a kidney stone, count yourself lucky–the pain is generally rated somewhere past childbirth, torture, and slow decapitation. I had to drive him to the ER, while he lay in fetal position in my back seat.

This was not pleasant, needless to say, moreso because we didn’t know for sure it was a kidney stone and I was basically doing seventy down a dark country road in the rain praying “Oh sweet Ganesh, let him not have a burst appendix.”

Up until the drive, I’d been holding it together pretty well. There was the next thing to be done, and the next thing to be done. Get his kids ready to go to their mother’s. Call their mother to take them. Get Kevin down to the car. Etc. Once I got in the car, though, there wasn’t anything to do next but drive, and my brain, which had been very tightly focused, relaxed, and started to fall apart.

“Stop that!” I told myself, feeling the snivelling coming on. “This isn’t productive!”

My brain continued to snivel.

“This is not helping!” I told it.

The brain was unmoved.

“Would Digger do this?” I demanded.

And my brain…shut up. Nope, Digger wouldn’t snivel. Digger would rise to the occasion. Surely I was not to be out done by a figment of my imagination!

As coping mechanisms go, it’s arguably a bit disfunctional, but hey, whatever works.

Kevin is doing well now, resting reasonably comfortably. Stone hasn’t passed yet, but the pain’s nowhere near the double-over-and-vomit range, so he’s much happier.

Is this thing on?

Well, gang, here we have it–the new Digger site!

Craziness! Madness! Bunnies!

Graphic Smash has decided to spin Digger off and give it its own home! And there was much rejoicing! Yaaaay!

For everybody who’s wondering what this means, Digger will no longer be subscription only. I’m very grateful to all my loyal subscribers–you guys kept Digger afloat for years, and I quite literally would not be here without you! I’m trying to figure out something nice to do as a thank you–watch this space for developments on that front.

As for people new to Digger–or who started, and hit the wall and didn’t finish, or drifted off, or missed an update, or whatever–welcome! Great to see you again!