Comics! Biting Pear! Stuff!

Just to let you know, there’s a print version of Irrational Fears, my (short) saga of a chupacabra in a beret, in the works, and now available for preorder!

Two versions are available–you get a dollar off on the softcover by pre-ordering (a mere $6!) and there is the Super-Snazzy Only Available For Pre-Order hardcover limited edition version, for the hardcore collector type!

Secondly, by popular demand, I’ve put the Biting Pear up on in hopes that enough people will like it to put it into production.

Here’s how you can help! Think a Biting Pear would be awesome? Go forth and vote for it! Voting’s free, and if enough people like it, it’ll go to pre-orders, where you’ll be able to pre-order your very own Biting Pear. Which would make me very happy, and also give me something to throw at the people who keep telling me that a plushie or a figurine of the pear would be awesome.

Here’s the link for voting!

Thanks, guys!

Good News, Everyone!

Digger vol. Four will be available for order July 10th! Copies will hopefully be available at Anthrocon if you’re going to be there (I’ll be there, signing and selling art) so check it out!

Also, my next kid’s book, Dragonbreath, is due to be released this Thursday, June 11th, so look for it in stores! (Or you can order it off Amazon!)


My apologies for the pop-over ad that some of you encountered on Digger in the last couple of days–those aren’t supposed to happen, but occasionally one slips through the net. The group that handles my advertising has been contacted, and hopefully it won’t happen again!

Shameless pluggery

Just to shamelessly plug a bit, my book “Dragonbreath” a comic-text hybrid for kids (but hopefully fun for the whole family) is available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble!

Dragonbreath at B&N

It’s been up at Amazon for a bit now…

Dragonbreath at Amazon

I admit, I’m starting to get excited about the release! Since I did the thing…god, most of a year ago…it seems bizarre that it’s only now coming out. I’ve already finished the sequel and I’m working on the third book in the trilogy as we speak.

So very odd.

Quick Plug!

My buddy Jay, fellow member of the NCWCCC comic group, has a spiffy comic called “Mysteries of the Arcana.”

It is almost completely and totally unlike Digger in any way, but that can be said of most comics, so go check it out!