March 3rd, 2011


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  1. Latrone says:


    where’d he come from?!

  2. Roy says:

    Quick, somebody tally up the time elapsed since he last showed up! Has it really been that long, or has our favorite wombat gone through a time distortion?

  3. Korlee says:

    Sweet! Digger begins the journey home! I for one can just chock him appearing up to the gods that annoy Digger alot… <.< Totally acceptable answer.

  4. Moogy says:

    Oh yes. Quite late. What did he tell you, Digger? Don’t be late!

    (Did he wait the whole time? That would be awesome in a bizarrely awesome way.)

  5. WorkingVolition says:

    Did Ursula say she expected to finish sometime this year? How many Tuesdays plus Thursdays do we have left? Alright Ursula, lets see how much your foresight has improved. *grabs popcorn*

  6. BarGamer says:

    That’s all we need, is to introduce some slightly-mad carnivores to the wonders of swords and guns. Boneclaw Mother would have a FIT!

  7. The unclean one says:

    You know the idea of Digger traveling around this world and meeting new groups of people sounds like an awesome story.
    “Digger :The next generation

    “The surface… The final frontier…
    These are the voyages of Digger.
    Her continuing mission:
    To Accidentally discover strange new lands…
    To get attacked by old gods; and ancient civilisations…
    To boldly try not to go where no wombat has gone before!”

  8. Gravedigger says:

    Oh man. This is possibly my favorite twist yet.

  9. Lee says:

    Not to nitpick, but Ed’s necklace seems to have gone missing again in this strip and the last one. Or is she just carrying it in the pack rather than wearing it?

  10. Bartimaeus says:

    I can’t believe she actually FORGOT about the trader.

    Time to head for home, Digger. <3

  11. jassius says:

    Looks just right.
    Guess the merchant got [i]curious[/i] and decided to wait.
    After all, at this world Digger is sort of an incuriosity herself.

  12. Robin Bobcat says:

    It wasn’t that she forgot.. just that she expected him to have come and gone while she and Murai were off dealing with the Peacock’s Tail… I suspect that Trader Manuel’s next words are going to be “Fortunately for you, I am *also* late.” – and possibly complaining about an avalanche having closed the pass…

  13. Veritas says:

    I don’t know that Trader Manuel would have been stopped by such mundane concerns, given his description of the route he would take(or at least, of the things that would be required to chart it). But it might be that the death of the chained god greatly expedited his return…

  14. Neil says:

    It could be as simple as Digger is later than expected because she’s been soliloquising as she walks.

  15. DanielCoffey says:

    I am wondering if she gave the necklace to Boneclaw Mother for “Ed”‘s wake.

  16. fixman88 says:

    Wow! The look on Diggers face is priceless! I bet Manuel is
    Iike a wizard in LOTR, he neither arrives early or late, but always exactly when he’s supposed to!

  17. Inlaid says:


  18. Ion288 says:

    I wonder if the comic will end after she gets on the cart and leaves this world.

  19. JewelWolf says:

    I literaly started spouting excited gibberish when I saw this.

  20. Barry says:

    @WorkingVolition — I thought she had estimated she was going to finish it LAST year. I’m just thrilled it’s still going!

    As I recall, TM said he’d leave in a month, and Ganesh indicated the trip to the monastery would likely take more than two weeks each way. So, yes, she’s late.

  21. Gwennan says:

    Oh, man, that just made my morning! **Big smile on my face just now**

  22. Hawk says:

    ah wah huh buh mmmffff!

    I don’t want to hurt Ursula’s brain but I don’t want to never see Digger again, either!

    Traitor Manuel, stealing our Digger!!

    ./goes back to chewing her nails

  23. Niall says:

    Yes, Digger’s late. Now, why is Trader Manuel still there, or late himself? Maybe He-Is had a hand (wing) in it to try and atone for Ed’s death…

  24. CJ says:

    Do we get to see the Bandersnatch again? Oooh, I hope so!

  25. Tindi says:

    One hand: I don’t want this to be over.
    Other hand: Digger really deserves to go home.
    Errr…Foot!: Yay Bandersnatch! 😀

  26. Hunter says:

    Ah, so she didn’t miss him after all.

  27. poppiesnroses says:

    Oh, Digger… 🙂

  28. Fluteman Dan says:

    Perhaps the trader also leads a life filled with unexpected adventure. I hope we someday get to hear the tale of Digger`s journey back.

  29. Chip Uni says:

    Remember: Million-to-one chances happen nine times out of ten.

  30. Are we getting ready to have Digger click her heels together and say, “There’s no place like home.”? Is this Digger’s ship to the undying lands. Will she see the glowing energies of Helix and Ed encouraging her that the force will always be with her. Will this end in the same horrible fashion that Farscape did? Only time will tell.

  31. PerfesserBear says:

    Does anyone out there know how to say, “Deus ex Machina” in Wombat? Yeah, I know it comes from the Greek, transliterated to the Roman alphabet apò mēkhanés theós. For those who don’t have a Classical education (or are too lazy to Google it) it means, “A god from the machine,” referring to the complex mechanisms the Greek theater loved to use. It recalls the sudden appearance of gods in dramas, a device lesser playwrights used to resolve irresolvable dilemmas, or the best ones to move the story along.

    I guess Digger is moving along… I keep seeing parallels to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings — no slight there, it’s arguably the best saga of our time — and other commentators have brought it up as well. Knowing that this chapter of her story has to end sometime, I think we’d all like to see Digger return to her Parents’ burrow (we know they’ve already rented out her room), put down her pack and say, “Well, I’m back.”


  32. smjjames says:

    Heh, I don’t think dragging the hyena tribe into the iron age would be such a good idea, but who knows.

    Also, impending end of comic…..

  33. redbeard says:

    We know that Trader Manuel does business with the temple and their Library, so quite likely he dropped by and got a short chorus of “Digger’s gone to find out how to kill a demon possessed dead god chained underground” — I don’t know about Manuel, but I wouldn’t want to miss learning how it all turned out — plus Manuel is in the weirdness business – this short of stuff is his “thing”. He likely wasn’t waiting very long (remember, they took a “shortcut” back) and no doubt he had business he could attend to somewhere nearby. Such a tale is worth the wait.

  34. Karyl says:

    the end may be coming very soon, but each time I see a new Digger comic, I’m happy for that!

  35. rueyeet says:


    …now I want a catacombs. dang.

  36. Brave Horatio says:

    Ta Dah!
    I’m trying to come up with the musical sting that goes with panel 2. It’s quite a striking one in any event.

    Also, @ the Unclean One – that’s fantastic. I’d watch that show. (and I’d *love* to see what Digger would do to Q)

    Word of God says the comic “will not reach page 800” for what that’s worth.

    Anyway, I thought that it was established some time ago that any irregularities with Ed’s necklace are cuz of Quantum.

  37. Rowan says:

    Ditto the awesome for @ the Unclean One

    I keep expecting Shadowchild to show up again. I mean, that couldn’t have been their final goodbye, could it?

  38. Tan says:

    Huge. Frickin. Grin.


    (it is worth noting, his parting words were “Do not be late,” but he never actually -said- he wouldn’t wait)

  39. Exindiv says:

    I sense a certain maker of ways intervening…. Just because a god can’t intervene directly, doesn’t mean they can’t do it indirectly.

  40. WafflesToo says:

    My eyes did about the same thing Digger’s did.

  41. Quizt says:

    I am glad to see Ed’s necklace now.

  42. Maureen says:

    Nothing summons a time traveler like out loud threatening to instigate an iron age. 🙂

    I’m sorry to see the comic getting so close to the end; but an epic has to have an end sometime. Darn it.

  43. mouse says:

    but….but wait! she hasn’t said goodbye to everyone! we’ll miss ed’s memorial!

  44. The Occupant says:

    Yes, yes, you do get to go home Digger! *sobs with hopeful joy*

  45. Nivm says:

    @fixman88: Ursula knows quite a few folktales and mythologies, and this one is referencing things told before LotR was written. He is the Coachman.

  46. shadw21 says:

    Shall we start the bets on Shadowchild being with the trader for reasons unknown?

  47. Urthdigger says:

    I was just thinking on the previous trip how her folks home must be worried sick (She did kinda vanish without any warning to anyone, and expressed sentiment over how they must be worried early on didn’t she?), so the thought of her just staying where she was and digging ditches didn’t sit entirely well with me… glad to see she’s going home 🙂

  48. Maureen says:

    So she rode off into the sunset, and all that was left behind was the legend of her name… the Loooooooone Wombat!

  49. Rags says:

    Well,since we’re mangling classical quotes anyway…

    “We must hurry or we shall be late.”
    “What do you mean, late?”
    “What is your name, burrower?”
    “Digger. Digger of Unnecessarily Convoluted Tunnels.”
    “Late, as in the late Digger Digger of Unneccesarily Convoluted Tunnels. It’s kind of a threat, you see, but I’m not very good at it.”