December 2nd, 2010


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  1. Mark Antony says:

    Nobody is immune to The Thing. Nobody.

  2. BarGamer says:

    I guess that’s why they call her GRIM Eyes, what a pessimist.

    Who’s the dude on the right, next to Grim Eyes?

  3. Javcs says:

    That’s Mirai on the right.

    Awe inspiring.

  4. Darkond2100 says:

    Isn’t that one of the speared hunters who chased our furry digging friend?

    VOTE! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx

  5. TGS says:

    I love the idea of ‘the thing’ being given to a wooden god – beautiful.

    Slight sadness at the idea of the end of the strip now. I do hope the end comes with grace and pace.

  6. Korlee says:

    Haha! Even the servant of a -god- is threatened by ~The Thing~ just awesome.

  7. BlueAloe says:

    Boneclaw Mother just keeps getting more and more and more awesome. There is no limit to her badass-ness.

  8. KarlBob says:

    Go Boneclaw Mother, go!

  9. Atre says:

    End of the story… It is sad, but stories have to. In appreciation, digger should have votes


  10. Bartimaeus says:

    Haw! ‘The Thing’, huh?

  11. Richard Grevers says:

    I don’t know how long Digger has to go, but lets make December a tribute to Ursula by voting the comic as high as we can*. Visit topwebcomics daily to vote (I do already), and if you have access to multiple computers (on different IP addresses) vote from all of them.
    * The best I’ve seen so far is 25th place. Digger is a far better comic than most of those above it.

  12. fixman88 says:

    Yay, Boneclaw Mother! *feels a little better now*

  13. Nohbody says:

    Javcs, it’s Murai, not Mirai, BTW. 🙂

  14. Allessindra says:

    Um…. Did I miss what happened to Jhalm? Last I knew he’d been givent he command to decide…

  15. Loren says:

    I’m wondering what happened between Boneclaw Mother and Jhalm, yes. Still, with only eight Tuesdays left in the year, I can see where Ursula might be tempted to condense parts of the story that don’t bear directly on Digger. Maybe a comment on the side as they compare notes with DIgger when she blows them away by coming up out of the hole, though? I hope so.

  16. Karyl says:

    OH NO–NOT THE “THING!” love this story, want more Digger adventures!

  17. Nivm says:

    Why do people care so much about the voting thing to detract from meaningful conversation? That list doesn’t reflect upon the quality of the comic, and most people know that (or so I had hoped).
    I’m not quite sure if it was mentioned before, but I was so sure Ganesh statue was made of stone

  18. Madam Atom says:

    @Nivm: How is talk about voting (currently 23, yay!) mutually exclusive with talk about the comic itself? And of course the list position doesn’t affect the comic’s quality, but I don’t think it’s wrong to wish that the reverse might prove true.

    Dying to find out what happened with Jhalm. I can’t decide if it’s more likely that he saw reason and backed down or that he’s currently being sat on by twenty hyena warriors. (Somehow I don’t see him not surviving the encounter, no matter what he tried to do.)

  19. Tom says:

    @Madam Atom: I reckon Boneclaw Mother did The Thing on Jhalm too.

  20. Hawk says:

    I want the voting to go on, because the comic deserves a larger audience. I know of quite a few people who look for new web comics by checking such lists; I’m sure that it also wouldn’t hurt Ursula financially if she got more business because people get turned on to her fantastic art through this comic. Sure, there are other ways for them to find out about her work; sure the web comic listing doesn’t validate her comic – it stands on its own merits…

    But the voting shows our support of her, shows our appreciation of the comic, and opens the door to more people getting to know and love this story, which is far more amazing than its place at 23rd really shows. In my humble opinion Digger is MUCH better artistically and story wise than “Misfile” which just does nothing at all for me.

    On to the actual comic discussion (because vote discussion and comic discussion aren’t exclusive of each other!)

    I too am astounded by the immense awesomeness of Boneclaw Mother. I want her to come to my house 😛

  21. perfesserbear says:

    Come to your house? Heck, I want Boneclaw Mother to adopt me!

    I wonder what liver is going for at Stop and Shop? I think Whole Foods should carry Warrior Tea…


  22. Niall says:

    Sooo… anyone else thought that Grim Eyes was wearing shades in panel 1?

    Al that’s needed is her making an awful pun just before she puts them on. And a chorus of oracular slugs going “YEAAAAAAAAH!”.

  23. Glenn (a different one) says:

    If there were any more awesome and win in Boneclaw Mother, I fear she might collapse into a singularity!

    Okay, yes, she IS pretty singular already.

  24. Skydancer says:

    Interesting. Jhalm is nowhere to be seen, and they’re all sitting around wondering what happened. Did the magic tunnel vanish?

  25. Jay says:

    Huh. I always thought it was a stone statue, not a wood one.
    Also, Boneclaw Mother is my hero. 🙂

  26. Tindi says:

    In case anyone was wondering, it’s up to 19 now. 🙂

    Anyhoo, I’m glad they all came out of whatever it was intact. I think the statue of Ganesh is sad and trying to be brave about it. He likes Digger, so it would make sense. I wonder how Boneclaw Mother is going to respond to Ed’s death, though. That’s what I’m waiting for.

  27. Hey Digger, just broke Top 20.

  28. @Skydancer-Yeah I’m with you. There’s a lot of story we don’t know about. Where’s the Shrew? How’d Grim Eyes get there?. Where’sJhalm? Who will help me bake the bread? Sorry on that last one I was on a questions roll. I am pretty sure that Ganesh knows exactly what The Thing is. I also wonder when Bone Claw last used the thing. It’s probably a wet willy. Those “things” are really annoying.

  29. mouse says:

    Well, everyone looks to be in one piece, so I’m guessing Jhalm backed down…but I imagine we will get the whole story when Digger reappears. I’m wondering now just how long she has been down there – the actually finishing-off-the-god bit seems to have gone pretty quickly; the discussion with Jhalm had to take a while…of course, we don’t really know transit time to/from the god chamber….but it surely can’t take days, or anything, can it? Because otherwise, people seem to be giving up hope awful fast….

  30. Kayru says:

    Made of wood…? I thought it was stone…

  31. TekServer says:

    Ha! I laughed so hard I scared the dogs! The Awesomeness of Boneclaw Mother knows no bounds …

    I have to weigh in on the voting conversation, for a few reasons. First, I was the first to discover that Digger had been added to TopWebComics (or at least the first to mention it in the comics), so I feel a little responsible for defending the value of voting here. Second, my OCD prompted me to do some investigating, the results of which may be relevant here.
    I found it quite interesting that Hawk mentioned Misfile. As it happens, my investigation found that Misfile is the ONLY higher ranked comic on TWC that has no Vote Incentive. (For any who don’t know, many comics include artwork, sketches, or other similar material that appears after you vote for them, and is often not obtainable any other way.) A trawl through the Misfile archives told me that the have, in the past, run Vote Incentives. What does that mean? It means that Digger is the highest ranking comic on TWC that has NEVER had a Vote Incentive. So while the list ranking itself may not always be directly related to the quality, or even the popularity, of a webcomic, there are more subtle indicators there.
    For Ursula, listing Digger on TWC was a small time investment that probably returned a modest increase in readership, and possibly a slight increase in revenue from there. For us, the loyal readers, voting is a way to show pride and support for our favorite story, and it’s something anyone can do even if they’re like me: “Not Poor, Just Broke”.

    Now go vote, or Boneclaw Mother will do The Thing!

  32. TekServer says:


    … first to mention it in the comments


  33. fishboy says:

    I wish I had a grandmother like Boneclaw Mother. I mean, I’d probably not visit her because she’d be totally manipulative but I love the thought.

    And: Whooo! Digger’s at 12 on the TWC list! Not that I really care about the ranking (truly, many of the comics on that list are dross..) but it’d wonderful to have more people see and appreciate this work of art.

  34. Ursula is #12 as of 10:40 P.M. Pacific Time.

  35. Allie Lewis says:

    …I love Boneclaw Mother. I really do. Ursula, I adore pretty much all of your characters, but she’s my absolute favourite.

    @TekServer: That’s amazing. I think we can pretty much all agree that this comic deserves that honour.

  36. Allie Lewis says:

    Also, still at 12. But I think that’s the highest it’s ever been. Let’s break the top 10 before the comic’s end, shall we?

  37. Cookiemonster says:

    It’s ending this quickly? :O What a shame, I realise it’s been going on for quite some time but…I want more Digger adventures!(Though I do realise we’re coming close to the end of this particular adventure)

  38. gwennan says:

    Actually I had two grandmothers rather like Boneclaw Mother. I have hopes of growing up to *be* Boneclaw Mother….or at least a pale imitation of Her Awesomeness!

  39. The_Rippy_One says:

    Boneclaw Mother: She will Thing you all!

    Mind you, some people here might enjoy a good Thing-ing, if only because it would mean that, yes Virginia, there is a Boneclaw Mother (and how awesome a holiday gift would that be? Write to the Post, now!), though I imagine that, for certain people, the exact value of “thing” would shift…

    Like dancing! *Mind out of gutter!* After all, she would be a great dancer. Swing, at the very least.

  40. slywlf says:

    Go Boneclaw Mother 😉
    Digger is at #13 as of my vote moments ago

  41. ToraKiyoshi says:

    Ah, good. We need a few light-hearted strips after the last chapter. There’s a few people I’d like to do “The Thing” to. I wonder if she’ll teach me how to do it.

  42. Barry says:

    I found this quote today and immediately thought of Ed:
    “When you are about to die, a wombat is better than no company at all.” — Roger Zelazny, “Doorways in the Sand”

  43. @Barry that is really random. Or is it? Could Mr. Zelazny have known how important wombats might be in figuring out God’s plan for our world?

  44. Or her world. It really isn’t her world either is it?

  45. Exindiv says:

    Robert Zelazny wrote about many worlds in his life and wrote about characters that could pass through all worlds and the shades of possibility. It’s quite possible he poked his nose into the world of a certain wombat before Ms. Vernon did. It’s possible – but dead men tell no tales.

  46. Atre says:

    Yay, my vote push is working :).

    I voted just now and digger is tied with Misfile.

    Keep voting and we will see what happens.

    I have no idea what readers mean to Ursula, digger doesn’t have ads so the comic’s financial benefit is more as “advertising” for things that she does sell. But regardless, I hope that if we can show how much we appreciate her work by voting then that will mean something to her… I’d stop voting if she ever said not to.

  47. Hawk says:

    As of this posting, Digger’s at 15. It’s early in the month, so if we keep on voting every day, Digger ought to stay in the top 20 at least!

    I’m beginning a journey through the archives again anyway; I think I might “ration” my reading to a few pages on non-update days, but I’m really enjoying going through the story from the start. Again.

  48. WafflesToo says:

    Murai only has a broken arm and is only facing a small army. I’m sure she’ll be fine 😮

  49. Richard Grevers says:

    I would infer by the fact that these three are still at the temple that Jahlm did decide and walked away – which would be somewhat anticlimactic as a panel, and with the amount of time that has just passed underground, would now be an anachronism. Of course I might be wrong and he might be sitting across the road, stalemated.

  50. EveryZig says:

    I finished the cold servant mask I was working on earlier. Actually, I finished it some time ago but got distracted with making a clay head. Anyway,