November 11th, 2010


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  1. Elena says:

    That is considerate of them… although the chattering does make it hard to sleep. Still, perhaps there is a very good reason they’d really like Digger to wake up and go now.

  2. BarGamer says:

    What kind of color does THAT bug make? Neon yellow? XD

  3. Fluteman Dan says:

    The symbolism of the scarab beetle opens a lot of questions.

  4. Old Prof. Otter says:

    “The symbolism of the scarab beetle opens a lot of questions.”
    Yeah, they are so death oriented that the core consideration is that they did not skin Digger and paint her skin with purple ink.

  5. Bwee says:

    Why, it IS a bug on a stick! Oy, I’m not sure whether to laugh or facepalm.

  6. Robin Bobcat says:

    Like I said before: Bug on a stick! Bug. on. a. stick!!

  7. acidbill says:

    I think I had bug on a stick at a fair once. It was OK with ranch sauce on it.

  8. Ali says:

    Oh god. The fact that they felt they needed to point that out made me start laughing.

  9. Silverfish says:

    …Oh, gosh, I needed that laugh after the last few pages.
    Good gracious, I love the skins.

  10. Ryusui says:

    I’m on a horse.

  11. Gramina says:

    Ryusui, shouldn’t that — under the circumstances — be, “I’m on a stick!”?

  12. Jassius says:

    Heh! heh!. Bug on a stick!
    Not sure if that was part of the story or a nice piece of fan service from Ursula after some dark pages.

    Funny fact: Fireflyes are actually a kind of beetle, and some tropical species are bright to be put in a bottle and used as a light, so maybe “bug on a stick” is this worlds version of those 😀

    Oh, and the skins will notice Ed there, eventually. Maybe they will skin him, maybe they will help carry him near the surface. Who is to know?

  13. Kirsty Hall says:

    That last line made me laugh out loud.

  14. Bwee says:


    Hello, readers. Look at your comic. Now back to me. Now back at your comic. Now back to me. Sadly, it isn’t me. But if it stopped being written by someone else and switched to Ursula Vernon, it could read like it’s me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re on the web with the comic your comic could sound like! What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It’s a mouseclick with two votes for that page you love! Look again. The mouseclicks are now dichroites! Anything is possible when your comic reads like Digger and not a 4-frame.
    I’m on a stick.
    (dig da dig dig dig, da digger)

  15. Bwee says:

    (And to stave off protests – I am fond of 4-koma myself and did not mean any offense to fans of the format.)

  16. Gravedigger says:

    The last panel made me lol. “A bug on a stick? Amazing!”

  17. Harena says:

    Awwww, that was so sweet of them! Nice to have a giggle and a happy sniffle after all that’s happened!

  18. Tyr says:

    You mentioned it, but I get to post the link.

  19. So long as it’s not a zombie bug on a stick.

  20. Hawk says:

    Heh. On a stick. Now I’m hearing Jose Jalapeno in my head.

    It’s nice to have a light moment.

  21. Hawk says:

    ./facepalm @ own pun

  22. Emma says:

    And what a beautiful bug on a stick that is XD

    I adore the skins

  23. CJ says:

    The Skin is so proud of the bug on a stick! I wonder how the bug feels about it.

  24. Lunah says:

    They really are considerate. ^^

    @Bwee: WIN.

  25. Creatura says:

    the “stating the obvious” bit made me laugh out loud!

  26. Karyl says:

    love the lightening humor–and the lighting too!

  27. Elizabeth says:


    That made me smile, A LOT.

  28. Nyara says:

    Skins = <3

    I think we all really needed that laugh after the last few comics.

    @ Bwee: Epic win ^_^

  29. Nimras says:

    These guys are so cute! Morbidly cute, but still… cute!

  30. Orwellian says:

    Maybe I read too many lolcats but it looks like the bug is smiling in the last panel. And I don’t know why “It is a bug on a stick!” is hilarious, but it is.

  31. Chip Uni says:

    And the best part is… when the light goes out, you also get a snack!

    (Thanks for the giggle. It’s good to have something light to help forget you’re in mourning… even for a moment.)

  32. The Bug on a Stick. It sounds like it could be a Ronco product. I do like the break from the heavier story. It’s kind of fitting that there would be a new Digger post on Veteran’s Day this year.

  33. Korlee says:

    And this is part of why I love Digger so much. <3

  34. Niall says:

    The best writers know how to mix dark moments with humour that doesn’t feel forced.

    Ursula Vernon and Jim Butcher are about equal in my books. I’m not sure which of the two is being more complimented. 🙂

  35. Jay says:

    BUG ON A STICK! ^_^

  36. Lethe says:

    TSHIRT of BUG ON A STICK please. 🙂

  37. Meteorfire says:

    I don’t know what is funnier, the bug on a stick line, or that everyone is hooked up on the bug on a stick line. Also, I don’t know how the Skin in the last frame manages to look gleeful, but…yup, there it is. Gleeful Skin.

  38. itsasafi says:

    i’m having an absurd kind of day. the skins make me feel bizarrely comforted. i’m holding off being suspicious about their reappearance in favor of warm fuzzies.

  39. Rhio2k says:

    Bug on a stick, eh? Somebody get the marketing department on this. I want infomercials every night from 11:00pm to 4:00am!

    “Hi, Billy Mays here for the Bug on a stick!! Ever get lost in the woods and have to ask creepy, half-dressed pyrophobic bears with shovels for directions? Never again, with Bug on a stick! You get 1 bug, and we’ll throw in a stick, all for just 2 easy payments of $19.95!”

  40. KarlBob says:

    Yay for Jose Jalapeno. Yay for bugs on sticks. Yay for the skins!

  41. Wafflestoo says:

    @ Hawk & KarlBob – I am ever so glad that I wasn’t the only one thinking of a certain pole-suspended pepper.

  42. Lurkie says:

    This one will second the Bug on a Stick t-shirt request. It would go well with my Zombie Head on a Stick t-shirt. 🙂

    Thank you, Ursula, for the light moment. The Skins really are fun people.

  43. jaynee says:

    Absurdly comforting, that B on a S. Nice one.

  44. fishboy says:

    I love these guys 🙂

  45. redbeard says:

    Bug on a Stick! It’s a handy light source AND a light snack for later.

  46. Caitydid says:

    I like this, after the past few days. It was time for some bugs on sticks and happy little Skins.

  47. Tindi says:

    I love those guys. They’re always here when we need them to lighten the mood a bit. 🙂

  48. the unclean one says:

    Ha…..always nice to see the skins again
    step 1: Put stick in light bug

    step 2:??????

    step 3: PROFIT!!!!!

    side note: i hope they don’t want Ed’s skin I think he deserves better (well maybe if they just took the skin but then digger still has to carry him out…..rather not think of that)

  49. Barry says:

    As good as a “Bug on a Stick” T-shirt would be (and it would be VERY good, indeed), as someone who works in the field of software QA, I’d rather have a T-shirt with the first panel of this comic:

  50. The_Rippy_One says:

    First up – I heard Cut-My-Own-Throat Dibbler, not Jose Jalapeno…secondly, I’m not sure that Digger can deal with un-intentional absurdist humor at the moment. Let’s go and see!