November 4th, 2010


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  1. OlCoyoteGrey says:

    Digger’s tears for Ed are the saddest thing in this entire story.

  2. Latrone says:

    And so it did…

  3. Allie Lewis says:

    That eulogy was so touching, so sweet, and so blunt, which made it perfect.
    Couldn’t have put it better, Digger.

  4. Bwee says:

    Even a god knows sometimes, you Cannot Push Things. Least of all with a grieving wombat.

    Hail Ed, He-Who-Was, better than ten gods!

  5. Rivalyn says:

    Oh no! A sad face! The saddest face!

  6. Panel 2: Digger didn’t expect it to actually happen

    Now Digger may have a navigation problem. That’s fine: she speaks for me.

  7. Edhelith says:

    @ Rivalyn Thanks for the laugh, I needed it . Although that story didn’t end too happily either…

  8. Robin Bobcat says:

    Rivalyn: Heh.. recognize that quote. Coolest robot king ever.

  9. Jiyambi says:

    Thanks Robin – I was trying desperately to remember where the heck I heard that. Gunerkrigg ftw.

    Also, though it hardly needs saying… I already miss Ed!

  10. Clay says:

    They say a cat can look at a king with impunity.
    I guess a wombat can sass talk a god with vigure

    Vote: http://topwebcomics.com/gpages/default.aspx?id=10180

  11. Sgt. Red says:

    Damn right.

  12. Jassius says:



    She will know her way out, but the bird *was* a distraction.
    There is no hurry to go up though. She may have some time with Ed now

  13. Zjonni says:

    The last panel is so much epic for so few, so very few lines.

    Lady. You got it.

  14. BunnyRock says:

    Sigh. That is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen, and my traitorous Id won’t let me appreciate it properly without yelling at me ” That bird looks like Woodstock. Panel two looks like Snoopy and Woodstock gone goth. That bird looks like Woodstock.” every few seconds.

    Dammit. Why does my brain have to spoil everything?

  15. Starcat5 says:

    Blast it, BunnyRock! Now you have MINE doing it, too! *Throws vampire squash at BunnyRock*

  16. Jassius says:

    Doh! Thank you so much, BunnyRock


  17. Bartimaeus says:


  18. arioch says:

    BunnyRock, my brain is now playing that music that plays in every Charlie Brown special… Yet, thinking that the god looks like Woodstock, somehow, it blunts my sadness. Like, maybe in the afterlife Ed can be truly appreciated…
    And, yes, Digger has the right of it, Ed is worth 10 gods.

  19. fixman88 says:

    I couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself. Damn right he was worth 10 of them…..

  20. sleekweasel says:

    You’d think a god’s soul would make a bigger kingfisher.

    Maybe that’s Ed’s soul?

  21. Kineko says:

    I’m not sniffling I’m not sniffling I’m not sniffling…
    Dammit, I was already blinking back tears at the first panel, how do you do that to me Lady?!!!

  22. Kayru says:

    Imagine just how lonely Digger must be now…

  23. Korlee says:

    Poor Ed and Digger. It just keeps getting sadder. 🙁

  24. Chow says:

    Why is it that I can’t stop thinking about the beginning of Fallout?

    “You see Ed. Ed’s dead.”

    Gah. This is a sad thing and my brain is trying to be funny.

  25. Otookee says:

    @Chow – well, physically/biology-wise at least, humor is a stress-response. “I laugh, ’cause otherwise I’d have to cry.”

  26. Fluteman Dan says:


  27. Barry says:

    “Whose chopper is this?”
    “It’s not a chopper. It’s a crowbar.”
    “Whose crowbar is this?”
    “Who’s Ed?”
    “Ed’s dead, baby. Ed’s dead.”

  28. gwennan says:

    I was kinda scared to come to this site today. Embarrassing to be seen crying at my desk at work.

    Thank you, Ursula. That last panel….so simple, and yet so stunning. Thank you.

  29. BlueAloe says:

    That last panel is the most touching piece of artwork I’ve seen in a long time. It says SO MUCH in so few lines.


  30. Hawk says:

    I agree, Digger didn’t quite expect it to obey her.

    But, she can find her way. In the dark, or not. She still has a glowstick or two.

    Of course…that’s assuming that magic doesn’t mess with the tunnel now, and send her home – leaving the rest of her friends confused and probably convinced that she died too.

  31. The_Rippy_One says:

    Ah gah…it hurts…well done.

  32. Madam Atom says:

    @BunnyRock: I went there too, though for me it was panel 3 that did it. I’d never thought kingfisher –> Woodstock until that panel.

    @Hawk: Now that would be funny, in a painful way. Because you just know that the minute she’d checked in with her family, she’d be trying to find Manuel to get him to lead her back HERE, because you DON’T leave your friends and adopted family without an explanation. Also because I doubt she could persuade her blood kin to eat Ed’s liver. (Of course she’d figure out how to preserve it! She’s Digger.)

  33. Blob says:

    Honestly, when I read this panel, “Eesh, Digger, no need to be rude.” And how did she know that wasn’t Ed’s soul? The skins said the souls of dead men become kingfishers, after all. It would have been bitterly ironic if Digger had just told Ed to buzz off, thinking it was He-Is. I don’t think it is, mind you; I’m just saying it was possible.

  34. Karyl says:

    just in LOVE with that last panel!

  35. Marrock says:

    No one is truly dead so long as there are those that remember them.

    I think Ed has achieved immortality.

  36. Hope says:

    Oh Ed… We will miss you…

  37. Barry says:

    Compare the “scratchy” look of the kingfisher in panel 3 to the look of shadowlescent here:

    Yin and yang. Balance in the universe. Ursula rocks.

  38. Veritas says:

    He was as ten of He-Is. There are worse eulogies.

  39. Chip Uni says:


    A beautiful, moving, and blunt eulogy.

  40. Niall says:

    Dammit THAT made me cry at work…

  41. Nicole B says:

    Absolutely touching.

    I think if the bird were Ed, he’d have given some sort of sign. He and Digger were too close for him to not let her know it was him.

  42. Lunah says:

    This was the most touching thing I’ve ever seen.

    …HOLY…! It’s the ghost of the white bird! :O

  43. Caitydid says:

    That last panel is the most incredible piece of artwork in this whole comic. Beautiful, Ursula.

  44. Ursula, the last reflection of the Kingfisher blinking out reflected in Digger’s damp eye… in a dot and a curved line… is indescribably brilliant.

    @arioch: “Linus and Lucy”, by Vince Guaraldi? Possibly the greatest Jazz track ever.

  45. Lord the 22nd says:

    I applaud you. And I cry at the same moment.

  46. WorkingVolition says:

    Ouch! Double face-palm.

  47. IonOtter says:

    @Rivalyn Awesome reference. @Edhelith No, it didn’t turn out well. But that story is not ended. Not yet.

    Well done, Mother-of-Earthquakes. Now even the gods have someone to respect. And perhaps even fear.

  48. kwsapphire says:

    @Blob – I thought that too. It could be Ed’s soul.

    @Ursula – I have to echo everyone else, that last panel is fantastic. You have a fantastic talent (as if you didn’t know). <3

  49. rueyeet says:

    Is it just me, or does the kingfisher look sad too? ):

  50. @BunnyRock

    Bill Cosby quote:

    You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it. If all this god boils down to is a version of Woodstock so be it. It still does not lessen Ed’s sacrifice one bit.