October 21st, 2010


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  1. Helping Ham says:


  2. maarken says:

    Ed is being alright. Or else.

  3. Bwee says:

    Please have crawled into one of the ventricles and be insulated by extra flesh, please have crawled into one of the ventricles and be insulated by extra flesh…;_;

  4. theysabet says:

    Oh Eeew Oh Eeew Oh EEEEEWWWW. This is gonna be very, very messy. Please gods, let Ed be cushioned by all the mess; hearts *are* rather rubbery, and I can’t see why a deity’s heart should be any otherwise.

  5. BarGamer says:

    I don’t hear Ed talking… If Ed dies from the fall, I think we might see that self-braining with the pickaxe anyways.

    PS: Theysabet, your avatar is adorable.

  6. WrenTruesong says:

    Hi Ysa! I knew you’d be where the awesome was! *wibbles* I too hope Ed is cushioned by the ew. It would be a suitable reparation, ne?

  7. Ryusui says:

    I imagine that Ed is probably going to come out of this covered in mummified god entrails, but otherwise very much alive.

    I also imagine the Cold Servants won’t be bothering anyone ever again. :3 The biggest threat they pose to Digger right now is if she trips over them while they’re huddled on the ground in fetal posture.

  8. khyrin says:

    5. I also imagine the Cold Servants won’t be bothering anyone ever again. :3 The biggest threat they pose to Digger right now is if she trips over them while they’re huddled on the ground in fetal posture.

    or they end up following Digger, since she was the first to issue a command after Sweetgrass Voice fell.

  9. Greenwood Goat says:

    I’d say Digger has some good options to improvise with. Hunch right shoulder against the wall and advance, pickaxe forward. There’s only one friendly there, and he’s on the floor of the cavern, fate undetermined, so anything her pickaxe encounters can be whacked, grubbed or pitched off the ledge. If the Skins happen to show up (unlikely), they will be able to keep out of the way without difficulty. When Digger reaches the tunnel entrance, she can pause to make some light, then set off through the tunnels for the cavern floor. Hopefully, the cold servants will be withering on the vine by then.

    As for Ed, whether injured or not, he’s probably stunned (if not unconscious). He might have some experience of moving in complete darkness, but he’s probably best off lying still for now, and waiting to see if any pain signals appear.

  10. Sphynn says:

    I will miss Ed very much. For well over a year I had the sense that this story would end like Haibane Renmei: i.e., that it is really Ed’s story and Digger is more of a narrator of the events. Given his past, all signs point to Ed dying heroically and this whole story being told by a hyena to her cubs on the last page. Goodbye Ed, we loved you.

  11. Stardeath says:

    Ahhhhhh….where’s the vote linkage thingy!! (pardon the computer noob here in the corner as I would have no idea how to put the linky thingy in here but I did vote anyways! http://topwebcomics.com/vote/10180/default.aspx er….somthing) *runs away*

  12. Clay says:

    five gold coins says that Miss Vernon takes us back to the surface to see whats going on with the standoff there before we learn the fate of Ed.

    If you don’t want that to happen Vote
    if you do want that to happen Vote

    you know what? Just vote anway.

  13. gwennan says:

    ….waiting for Tuesday is…..

  14. Hawk says:

    Ah, Thursday, how I hate thee…

    How’s the time travel device coming y’all?

    As for today’s comic: I love how Digger improvises! Plus, I also love how even though we can’t see the cold servants at all, we get a sort of image of how they are now cowering, possibly falling to the ground, or just standing there stunned and confused. Clearly their linkage to SGV was much deeper than “you go do this” – they may have signed over a great deal of their minds and will to SGV’s use, rendering themselves into a state not unlike sleepwalking.

    Imagine being asleep and waking up in a dark, cold tunnel, with an angry, armed wombat telling you to get out of the way!!

  15. CJ says:

    Good thing you’re good at improvisation, Digger!

  16. Myti says:

    I’m hoping Ed becomes the new He-is …. (he’s perfect for the role)

  17. Madam Atom says:

    Oh, Ursula. You’ve actually got me feeling sorry for that cold servant in the lower left.

    … I love this comic so very much.

    (Off to Necronomicon in St. Pete, Florida tomorrow. I plan on trotting out my Shadowchild filk if at all possible. 🙂 )

  18. AngelicDirt says:

    If that’s Digger’s improvisation, then she’d be awesome at trying to fight her way out of a subway car. Same experience, minus the cliff. I have currently resorted to “MOVEIT, SHEEPLE!” just the other day. It works well. Gets attention and clears your path, anyhow.

    *crosses her fingers for Ed* :S

  19. perfesserbear says:

    Meh. Minions. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.

    “Master loves Larry. Master feeds Larry!”


  20. The_Rippy_One says:

    I thought she was carrying some glow stick sort of things? Also, I love Ed dearly, but I could so see him dying and asending to fill the void left by the absolute and final death of the only male hyena god. Sucks to be us mortals, but the pantheon needs Ed so badly…

    Anyway – Only one problem with just chucking Cold Ones (I want my anthropomorphised Cold One beer bottle now) – from the sound of it, they just got de-possessed/de-brain washed/reset to babies – not that babies in adult bodies aren’t capable of incredible evil, but killing them in an off handed matter may be a little amoral.

  21. Lord the 22nd says:

    Hyenas have lots of gods, He-who-was-once-He-Is was more of the Odin, or Zeus of the bunch, with the exception of being exiled by his mate.

  22. Fluteman Dan says:

    Ah well, back to my 2nd read through.This time I`m also checking the comments which are reasonably informative.At least nobody writes filks.

  23. Old Prof. Otter says:

    Fade to black?
    The last time that you had the choice to show a black on black fight was
    shadowchild vs SGV.
    I am impressed by the copy protection on this comic, anyone who tries to print it out
    will pay the price in ink cartridges.

  24. Old Prof. Otter says:

    Actually Fluteman Dan, there was a good filk listed a while back, and
    my daughter has an unpublished one, and I want to do Shadowchild as as filk as well.

  25. Old Prof. Otter says:

    Rippy, I too fear what the death of He-is will do to the male side of the Hyena population.
    It will have consequences for the hyenas that live underground.

    So after this it is wrapup? Digger goes home, Ed gets accepted or something, ShadowChild rules?

  26. hollikuru says:

    Somewhere, a very long time ago, Descending Helix is wondering what the bloody hell that awful screaming was.

  27. mouse says:

    i’m not sure the death of he-is will have much effect on the hyena pantheon – after all, they clearly had no idea he was chained underground, forced to “live” by having his heart pumped. and if they did – hyenas, even male, strike me as being the types who would prefer a dead god to one forced to live chained in darkness.

    speaking of darkness – interesting that the lights went out when the heart fell. was the heart somehow lighting the space before?

  28. Cailte says:

    I think SGV was powering the lights– hopefully that means it’s dead…

  29. 13yaroza says:

    are the skin people free now :D?

  30. Fluteman Dan says:

    Three filks in three years is reasonably excruciating.I wish Skin horse had such admirable restraint.Their comments read like an old copy of Mad magazine.

  31. Mordikai says:

    … andover the months,the painted Monks of He-is-Ed head out into the world to spread his teachings.

  32. Meteorfire says:

    Of course the heart was a ginormous nightlight!

    I am kind of curious now as to what SGV’s connection to He-Is is, that the removal (and supposed damage) to the heart causes him such distress. Methinks he has an ulterior motive here…

    Also, I feel bad for the minon on the lower left with the ‘Help me’ bubble. But Digger’s improvisation is awesome. Now, for the bad guys to, you know, get out of the way.

  33. Kinto_M says:

    The word “skreel” may not have existed before today in the context of describing a dying demon’s scream, but it is perfectly chosen.

  34. Treesong says:

    Re cold servant’s question ‘What is’–not ‘He’, that’s for sure.

    Tastes differ, Fluteman. I generally like the Skin Horse filks, particularly when I know the words and music, which I usually don’t.

  35. Rhio2k says:

    “Improvise” = CLONGBONGWHANG-“MOVE, dammit!!”-BWONGKOOONG

  36. Sabreur says:

    … Ed?

  37. BLink says:

    This is a perfect example of what separates good graphic novels from great graphic novels. A person with a flair for illustration can make stunning visuals for days. But the rarer quality is actually being able to tell a story, and switch from sweeping illustrations to concise and witty dialogue.

    I just love these episodes that follow some awesome graphical action (Ed’s leap, Ed prying the chain link open while SGV is all “AIEEEE”) with a terse but dramatic/comical bit of narration.

  38. Tindi says:

    @Hawk: Temporal discharge on the time machine/teleporter is still too high for safety.

    @Madam Atom: Oh good, so it wasn’t just me who felt bad for the poor things. SGV conned them too.

  39. Kerrick says:

    I wonder if the Cold Servants mightn’t obey Digger just because she sounds authoritative, and obedience is comforting and familiar. I can think of few things that would annoy a wombat more than suddenly acquiring a passel of fawning minions just because she happened to yell a clear instruction during a vulnerable moment.

  40. Sysice says:

    The (formally) quite awesome Cold Ones saying something like “Help me” is… odd.

    It feels awesome. 😀

  41. Moses says:

    I just read this entire comic from page one today. It’s so good. And I’m dying to find out what happens next.

  42. rueyeet says:

    …okay, NOW I’m worried for Ed. Somehow I can quite see this having a shiny happy “Ed is accepted back into the tribe, Digger gets to go home, and everybody’s happy” kind of ending.

    Plus…whatever happened with Murai/Jhalm/Boneclaw Mother, out in front of the temple? Time for a switch, now?

  43. rueyeet says:

    Crap. I meant, CAN’T quite see a happy ending. Sorry for double-posting.

  44. mamculuna says:

    I feel horrible saying this, but I think it’s possible that Ed has not survived. He had so much sorrow in his life, and such regret for having done something he couldn’t help doing…it could happen. But I so much hope not.


  45. Lucius Appaloosius says:

    Wonder if, after a while, the former Cold Servants will stop speaking ‘demonic’ and have regular speech bubbles…. 7@=Q

    And oh, yes – hope you’re still with us, Ed……..

  46. Fluteman Dan says:

    Cruel cliffhanger.Hopefully all Ed will need is a long bath and a really strong cup of warrior brew.

  47. fixman88 says:

    I hope Ed is ok! Did Digger run out of lightsticks?

  48. Reo says:

    Ed is caught up! Um, I mean, I’ve caught up! For some reason, reading Digger has caused me to think in Ed’s voice- and make jokes with my fella in Shadowchild’s voice!
    “Am I an up-to-date webcomic?”
    *groan from fella*

  49. Jay says:

    Next page hurry hurry next page next page!!